David and Austin have continued the collaborative work. Fallen Fruit began by mapping fruit trees growing on or over public property in Los Angeles.
Through the process of chip grafting, artist Sam Van Aken has created a “Franken-tree” that can bear up to 40 different types of fruit. As its name suggests, the tree is capable of bearing up to 40 different types of “stone fruit,” or fruit with large, hard seeds, of the genus Prunus.
The Chequit Inn serves a breakfast/brunch buffet every morning in the lobby, where guests of the hotel can enjoy fresh juice, fruit, coffee, freshly baked goods, and a pleasant time on the porch.
This smoothie recipe includes Greek yogurt, carrots, and peaches for a vitamin- and protein-packed breakfast, snack, or post-workout boost.
At this point, most people are aware that green tea offers a plethora of health benefits. What you may not know, though, is that in matcha, the benefits are heightened. When you drink green tea, you aren’t actually consuming the leaves. Matcha powder, however, is made up of the ground leaves.
After checking out a few farmer’s markets, Dish + Drink settles on some watermelon and homegrown cucumbers for a perfect summery treat. After all, National Watermelon Day was this week.
It is Buzz Week here on BTR, and the Magic Bullet has been touted for quite some time now as a kitchen must-have. Yes, it’s smaller than a blender, but I’m finding that it is equally handy. This is especially true because the cup used to mix ingredients is the same cup users can drink from.
This recipe combines a banana and some farmer’s market fresh strawberries with a heaping amount of protein (whey, soy milk, almond milk, walnuts, and Greek yogurt) to create an ideal breakfast smoothie that is both light and filling. Plus, if you’re on the go, this option is more replenishing and refreshing to take with you than coffee.
Rhubarb season is short-lived and Independence Day is the ideal occasion to serve a summer fruit compote as a side dish.
Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching, which means if you are throwing a party or just attending one then it’s time to consider what dishes to prepare. This side dish is light, sweet, and summery, making it perfect to throw together for the holiday parties.
The overarching environmental benefits of composting are abundant, but for home gardeners, what it means on a small scale is perhaps equally important. Dish + Drink takes a look at the details of composting at home.
French artist Benoit Jammes captures the kitchen as a skate park.
Raisins, walnuts, and fresh pears come together in this bowl of steamy goodness.