Frontline’s Jezza Neumann joins us to discuss his updated Frontline documentary “Poor Kids,” about child poverty in the United States. Also, John is in the studio to discuss the latest…
It’s a special Friday Frontline episode where we speak with director Michael Kirk about his new two-part Frontline documentary “Putin’s Revenge.” Also, Morning John on Geogroup, George HW and…
We’re joined by Olivier Sarbil, director of tonight’s Frontline documentary, “Mosul.” Also, Morning John, and more listener mail on Me Too. Photo credit: Courtesy of Frontline.
Frontline’s James Jacoby joins us to discuss his new documentary War on the EPA, the Trump administration rolls back the birth control mandate, and Trump’s feud with Bob Corker isn’t what you think it is.
We speak with Steve James, director of the new Frontline documentary “Abacus: Small Enough to Jail.” Also, Morning John breaks down the corporate media narrative that Trump is an independent pragmatist, and listener mail. Frontline photo via
We’re joined by Matthew O’Neill, director of the new documentary from Frontline and the New York Times “Life on Parole.” Also, Reality Winner and the lack of support for whistleblowers. Frontline, via Twitter
Michael Kirk on tonight’s Frontline documentary Bannon’s War, John on Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia, and Trump’s cuts to the education budget.     Photo credit: Twitter (@KDGKirk)
Paul Greenberg joins us to discuss his book and new Frontline documentary, “The Fish on my Plate.” Also, Nick Pinto joins us to talk more about the Fearless Girl, and catching up on listener mail. Photo credit: Twitter  @macfathom Photo credit: Twitter @4fishgreenberg
Dan Edge on his new Frontline documentary Last Days of Solitary, John on the Trump administration’s escalation with North Korea, and Ross Douthat continues to be employed by the New York Times. Photo credit: Twitter (@frontlinepbs)
Frontline’s Ramita Navai joins us to discuss her new documentary Iraq Uncovered, John unpacks the mythology behind Steve Bannon, and David Brooks somehow jumps the shark when you’d think there was no shark left to jump. Photo credit: Ramita Navai (Twitter)
Frontline’s Arun Rath on his new Guantanamo Bay documentaries, and the lack of attention on the alt-right’s first mass shooter. Photo credit: John Knefel
Frontline’s Michael Kirk on his new documentary the Divided States of America, Trump’s lesser-known advisor raises concerns, and Trump goes after John Lewis. Photo: Courtesy of Frontline