Fish is one of those things that is deceptively easy to cook yet also deceptively impressive. One of Dish+Drink writer Rebecca Chodorkoff's favorite ways to cook fish is en papillote, or “in parchment,” a French technique which more or less ensures that flavor and moisture will be infused into your fillet. The flavoring in this particular recipe should provide a balance of richness, zest, and just a hint of sweetness and spice.
DJ Drew and Danakil - an awesome French reggae band with elements of world music and socially conscious lyrics
It's another week of (mostly) random Bandcamp best-sellers on this week's show! We discuss new rock tracks from The Phoenix Foundation (NZ) and Martha (UK), funk and soul from The Slackers (NYC) and Saun and Starr (NYC), hip-hop from Future Rock (Germany), and classic French pop from Joanna (Belgium). It's a truly thrilling ride, so buckle up!
The gluten-free diet has changed the way we view food. Going gluten-free evidently has profound effects on famous works of art.
Dish + Drink does Restaurant Week right.
French artist Benoit Jammes captures the kitchen as a skate park.