This year sucked politically, and we wrote about it. A lot.
If you think conservative media can’t get worse, just wait ‘til next year.
J.McVay joins the show to discuss Joe’s list of the worst right wing pundits of 2018, including some recent additions.
Tim Johnson of Media Matters for America joins the show to discuss right wing media’s vilification of prominent liberals and that rhetoric’s role in this week’s pipe bomb scares.
Joe rants about the president’s sources of white nationalist rhetoric and the fascistic nature of politicizing a singular death to retrofit a partisan narrative.
Laura Ingraham shows that conservatives have moved well beyond dog whistles, and we discuss a legal challenge in New York City trying to take on the systemic roots of bullying in schools.      
Our top story picks for the week, from felines to feminism in sci-fi.
Joe discusses dumb centrist Democratic policies and Fox News’s hilarious response to Democratic socialism.
A “stand your ground” shooting in Florida with echoes of Trayvon Martin, new details on ICE raids in New York City, 463 migrant parents might have been deported without their children, and the…
Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and catching up on listener mail.
Used almost exclusively by self-proclaimed Infowars alphas,“soy boy” is a term for men lacking masculine qualities.
Joe discusses the racist lawyer Aaron Schlossberg, why it’s okay (and good) to publicly ridicule racists, and Fox News’ fractured logic around…
Joe discusses Fox News host Neil Cavuto’s takedown of Donald Trump and why it’s weird people are celebrating a news anchor for pointing out lies.
In weaponizing identity politics, conservatives have mastered it.