The author and Senate candidate's sudden Trump turn is as pathetic as it is cynical.
What's rich is that surveilling electronic communications is some kind of plot to take Carlson off the air and not baked into the NSA's charter.
Madeline Peltz on the right wing media ecosystem of conspiracies and misinfino. Also, Hulu’s ‘Plan B’. Plus music by Sarah Osborne and Milly.
Media Matters' Madeline Peltz explains how far right conspiracies travel through a right wing media ecosystem. And they usually lead back to Bannon.
The Fox News host's whining about General Milley's alleged wokeness brought her to an interesting place.
It's not like Johnson cares about sounding dumb. The more scary buzzwords you hit, the better. 
He's doing a bad Rudy impression and running on his father's laurels. And it's not clear if Andrew realizes that'll probably hurt his chances.
The famed horse trainer delivered the phrase's final death blow yesterday on Fox News.
Jenner hopes airplane hangar tales will catapult her to California's governorship. And as dumb as they are, it might work.
How can it possibly exist in "the greatest country in the history of mankind," you ask?
The former mayor might've let one slip while trying to explain away his latest legal troubles. Raids can make you gassy.
Fox loves purposely stoking arguments on air while ignoring actual facts and news. The dumber and louder, the better.
It turns out years of failed politically motivated sting operations can really mess with your journalistic reputation, especially if you didn't have one to begin with.
Greg Gutfeld's late night talk show is already the worst of a terrible television genre.
Never attribute anything to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity—unless that stupidity is coming from Matt Gaetz. 
Conservative media outrage is predictable, but by invoking Satan, Lil Nas X has managed to break their brains almost entirely.
He could've started a media company or founded his own political party. But more than anything, Trump just wants to keep posting.
The Fox News host played dumb about the most prominent conspiracy theory in American politics today.
The network refused to air House Democrats presenting evidence against Trump, but did feature a batshit conspiracy theory in prime time.
Instead of acknowledging their role in last week’s violence, right wing media types are dying to move on.