John Knefel explains how the United States has continued to escalate wars it claims to be ending, like in Syria and other countries.
John Knefel explains the effect of President Trump’s decision to remove American troops from Syria. Molly and John Knefel are hosts of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio…
John Knefel shares his thoughts on the departure of John Bolton from his role as National Security Advisor.
John Knefel shares his thoughts on the recent polling numbers which show that the majority of U.S. Veterans, as well as the general public, feel that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not worth the cost.
John discusses Jared Kushner’s lack of progress in bringing Israel and Palestine together in order to reach a peace agreement. Molly and John Knefel are hosts of the longrunning progressive…
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the latest developments with Trump's Iran escalations and how outside voices factor into his decision-making.
Candidate Profile: Elizabeth Warren. Also, we review the new movie, ‘Shazam!’
John shares his thoughts on President Trump’s recent actions, which have escalated tensions with Venezuela, thus continuing the tradition of U.S. tradition interference in Central and South…
The dangers of idealizing a far right and left alliance on foreign policy, and a very good piece about not liking Bernie Sanders. Photo by Slowking4 via Wikimedia Commons