In Part 2, Rich Hanley discusses the intrinsic relationship between Thanksgiving and football in America, ESPN's awkward Monday Night Football broadcasts, and who he thinks will reach the Super Bowl.
Rich Hanley returns on Thanskgiving Eve to discuss the biggest storylines of the NFL season.
Joe talks about Eli Manning's career as his time as the New York Giants starting quarterback appears to be coming to a close.
Sean Sullivan returns to discuss how the NFL owns Sunday attention, Aaron Rodgers' amazing comeback, the Cleveland Browns' incompetence, and other Week 1 storylines.
In Part II, Rich Hanley discusses Fox's primetime opportunity, online streaming of NFL games, legalized gambling, the 2018 New York Giants, and much more.
Rich Hanley returns to discuss how the national anthem protest storyline will continue during the 2018 NFL season, how the NFL made itself synonymous with the U.S. military, and Colin Kaepernick's grievance against NFL owners.
Mike Castellano and Luca Ranallo return to discuss all things Russia 2018, from France's win in the World Cup Final to their favorite goals and matches of the tournament.
These soccer underdogs may not win on the field but their politics should win over your hearts.
Mike Castellano & Luca Ranallo (aka The Soccer Guys) join the show to preview each group in the World Cup, why the FIFA Rankings are B.S., Lionel Messi's Argentina legacy, and much more.
In Part II, Rich Hanley discusses the NFL's role at the center of the culture war and how football's toxic masculinity and decline in youth participation threaten the game's future.
Rich Hanley returns to discuss the NFL Draft's significance to the league,  the role of social media in draft coverage, saturation of mock drafts, and more.
Screw the Superbowl! I hate both teams and i hated the last few weeks of the playoffs.  Yes I am a bitter Giants fan, but wouldn't you be?.  Actually, in my neck of the woods, Superbowl Sunday is a day to do the Pollar Bear Plunge!  If you are unaware, this means you strip down to your bathing suit and run right into a freezing cold Atlantic Ocean.  It's all for charity.  So this Superbowl Sunday I am dedicating my mix to The Long Beach Polar Bears.  Enjoy!
What a season! What a postseason! Let's enjoy the playoffs with some good indie tunes and a huge doubleshot cut in half.