The best of the best comedians and writers in New York get together at the end of every month to share their wild and crazy stories, hosted by David Martin. The theme for this month's show is "Sports" and features Jeff Hiller, Jim O'Grady, Silvija Ozols and Adam Wade.
The student protest at Mizzou forces top school two administrators to resign, and the ethics of media interacting with protesters.
Stress Week - Football season is underway, and so too is the grueling and emotionally taxing side-game of fantasy football. The season is a bitter test of will and endurance that leaves the richest minds bankrupt, replacing any shred of hope with one simple question: “why?”
This week for Fall Week as the penultimate show we look back and revive some old features to see what—if anything—we’ve learned over the years. We also weigh in on the opening week of the NFL season as football hits the ground running us into Fall.
This week for Open Week we hear about Kristy’s struggle to get past security at the US Open and her love for the tournament, welcome the NFL season with a string of football-related quick-hits and take a short quiz on the upcoming Rugby World Cup.
The Super Bowl is one of the biggest days of the year for food consumption. Here's how.
How one woman is dodging stereotypes and leveling the fantasy football playing field.