DJRePete starts the countdown to 2016 today with part 1 of his annual BTR Best In Mix. Today he’s spinning a choice set of tracks that ‘broke thru’ on the station in 2015, including alternative from Baio and Mike Pace and the Child Actors, electronica cross-over with Eternal Summers and Teen Daze, and folk with the Sugarplum Fairies and Little Lapin. Plus, Speedy Ortiz headlines a high energy punk alt set to power you into your holiday weekend. That’s your Wednesday start on BTR!
DJRePete inches you 90 minutes closer to the Thanksgiving weekend in the US with power electric alt from CHVRCHES and Metric. He’s also thankful for the latest album from Here We Go Magic and an addictive beat track from Bob Moses. Plus, hit up a folk set headlined by The Mae Trio head of their appearance down-under to play the new MOTH venue in Brisbane. And get info on Evening Hymns’ doubleheader this Friday in Toronto. That’s your Thanksgiving Eve start with DJRePete on BTR!
Brooke Annibale is a singer/songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who credits much of her musical direction to experiences growing up around her family’s music store. This musical direction led her to Nashville, where she attended college and lived, returning often over the years to record there even after returning to her home city. She stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share some tunes and talk about how she crafts her timeless folk songs.
Zen Anton is a songwriter who cuts straight to the marrow. His music carries an honesty that shrugs in the face of vulnerability, bearing all for the listener–who might struggle to disentangle the bones from guitar strings. It’s clear that this form of storytelling is a part of him, and that there is nothing else he would rather choose.
DJRePete kicks off your Wednesday on BTR with some high energy pop alt from Destroyer! Also, find out how to best keep tabs with BTR during CMJ coverage next week as well as where to tune in to plan your musical route. Plus, a wistful ballad by Soda Shop, trippy goodness with Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and punk with Joanna Gruesome. And don’t miss album news from the culture mashup band Delhi 2 Dublin. DJRePete’s got your midweek fix on BTR!
Good Old War found a great shortcut to a solid band name: combining elements of the three founding members’ names (Goodwin, Arnold, and Schwartz). Now a duo, the Philadelphia-based band excels in the sort of foot stompin’, clappin’-n-hollerin’ indie pop that’s been growing in popularity in recent years, and are known for their rousing live shows. The guys stopped by Serious Business Music to play some tunes and chat with Maia.
Keeping it nice and quiet this week with lots of ACOUSTIC music. Hits from all over, including show favorites like SE Rogie, Gino Bordin, and so many more. Be quiet, listen! OK?!
DJRePete closes out the month with the debut of the new album by Setting Sun, Nashville electronica via MYZICA, and apropos sweet ballads with Sweet Badoo. Also on the program, RePete revisits the live album by the Eels from the UK’s Royal Albert Hall, keeps tabs with Summer Camp and Little Boots, and gets lost in a track by Thee Oh Sees. Plus, zen out with a folk alt set complete with strings via Destroyer and The Ghoul Goes West. That’s your September finale with DJRePete on BTR!
Ben Stalets, a down-home folk-singing songwriter from Toledo, Ohio, has a friendly and honest disposition. His songs are uncomplicated and unpretentious, with a rawness that’s both instantly familiar and memorable. On a recent visit of Ben’s to New York City, we caught up with him at The Owl Farm Bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where he shared this song.
It’s now very deep into 2015, so I have very nobly taken it upon myself to create a wonderful set of some of my favorite music of the year SO FAR. Basically it’s a heavy rock set with bands like Vexx, Toupee, Coneheads, etc., followed by a cool pop set with bands like Fred Thomas, Katie Dey, and Honey Radar. So much good stuff! Listen to it!
Ben Stalets, a down-home folk-singing songwriter from Toledo, Ohio, has a friendly and honest disposition. His songs are uncomplicated and unpretentious, with a rawness that’s both instantly familiar and memorable. On a recent visit of Ben’s to New York City, we caught up with him at The Owl Farm Bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where he shared a brand new song.
On not disappointing your professor and the music of nature
Dar Williams is a folk songwriter currently two decades into her music career. Her latest release, Emeralds, draws heavily on that accrued history, crowd-funded through Pledge Music, recorded in studios all around the country, and involving a wealth of guest musicians and co-writers. Here, she visits Saltlands Studio in DUMBO to share some of her latest tunes and to chat with Maia about the inspiration behind her work.
It’s Freak Week here on BTR… oh wait, no that’s wrong… Hold on, lemme check my schedule… Hmmm… Oh, right, it’s Made In The USA Week on BTR! We’re talking about how things are made in the USA (mostly by prisoners), and the resurgence of vinyl! Also, playing plenty of great ROCK MUSIC, of course!
Never mind the Lords of Dogtown–here’s a different platoon of riders from the concrete vistas that you should know about. Over Lord, Theory Lord, and Splice Lord talk hand-me-down accordions and the connection between skateboarding and music.
This week’s show is a bit more on the quiet, laid-back side of things. Mostly lo-fi, lonely singer-songwriter music, some new stuff, some new stuff, some old stuff. Lots of static and acoustic guitar. It’s a good mix!
Another not-quite-yet summer Saturday show. Except you wouldn’t know it by the amount of summery songs I have for you on the show today (and the amount of margaritas I’ve been drinking outside lately). Yes, it really feels like it’s summer, and we’re celebrating that on the show today. Check out new tracks from Eternal Summer, Sharon Van Etten, and old favorites from Childish Gambino and White Hinterland!
It might be Throwback Week elsewhere on BTR, but this week’s Rock Show is ALL NEW! Get ready for killer rock music from Ex Hex, Beverly, and Joanna Gruesome. Get ready for soul-pop from Saun & Starr and the Reigning Sound. Get ready for THE ROCK SHOW, baby!
June is almost here! Welcome to this new edition of the Green Mountain Bluegrass Hour. Skiing in Vermont didn’t quite make it into June as planned, though it really did look like we’d make it all the way to July just a month ago! Anyway, I’m looking forward to playing from all new albums for the show. Big Country Bluegrass put out Country Livin’ back in March. Della Mae released their self-titled album on May 12th. And we got two sneak peaks into upcoming releases: The Steeldrivers’s The Muscle Shoals Recordings will be on the shelves June 16th and Dale Ann Bradley will release Pocket Full of Keys on June 9th. They’re all out on tour right now, scroll down through the playlist for details! And as always, don’t forget to check out BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Pinterest!
Andrew Vladeck, principal songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist for the band Fireships, is currently on tour to promote the group’s new self-titled release. Vladeck talks about being a singing park ranger and getting by with a little help from your friends.
Brooklyn pop trio Pearl And The Beard return to BTR Live Studio with their latest batch of stomp-worthy, epic folk-rock songs. Taking a slightly heavier approach this time around, Jocelyn Mackenzie, Emily Hope Price, and Jeremy Lloyd-Styles raise their powerful voices to inspiring effect with every rousing chorus. As the trio wrapped up work on their latest album and prepped for a string of shows with Ani Difranco, they brought their big sound and SO MANY FEELINGS to Saltlands for this session.
On today’s God Bless Weirdmerica we’ve got some fantastic new music: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Gut Club, and a long one from Jim O’Rourke. One of the best things about BTR compared to other types of radio, is that we have the freedom to explore and play some longer songs. Which is perfect for God Bless Weirdmerica- because long songs are oftentimes weird and experimental. Check out a few of them on the show today! And don’t forget to check out BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Pinterest!
Capturing the spirit of the desert and embracing what it means to be an outlaw
Christy Hays is getting lost in the world and bringing back the stories of others. She might have started writing songs at the age of 14, but it wasn’t until she turned 27 that Hays decided she wanted to be a professional songwriter. In the time between, she fell in love with nature. After attending college for forestry Hays moved directly to Alaska where she could lose herself in the wilderness.
Getting lost in the world and bringing back the stories of others
The Last Bison is a folk-pop ensemble from Chesapeake, Virginia. At core, they’re driven by the songwriting of Ben Hardesty, supported by a mix of family and friends filling out the group’s music. With the recent addition of more electric instruments to their arsenal, as well as a return to the independent realm after a brush with the major label world, they continue to make lush, inspiring music. The group stopped by the BTRhouse in Austin for this moving performance featuring songs from their recent release, VA.
Keeping it low and slow this week. But it’s not a downer set, just a nice, relaxed vibe all the way thru. So get ready to chill out! Lo-fi “singer-songwriter” hits from Ahsraya Gupta, Dogs Only Gorgon Head, Boyhood, and so many more…
People have been saying that I haven’t been playing enough ROCK lately? Well, stuff it! This week’s show proves that you can rock without rock! Hits from Simon Joyner, Jib Kidder, Ex Hex, Destruction Unit, and more!
On folk noir, Spaghetti Westerns, and learning the harmonica.
Nashville-via-Brooklyn-via-everywhere country singer/songwriter MIchaela Anne returns to BTR in the midst of a tidal wave of critical acclaim (including a Rolling Stone premiere of her latest music video). We caught up with her in a classroom at Jalopy Theatre and School of Music in Red Hook, Brooklyn, for this very special performance of a brand new tune.
An exploration of folksy Irish roots through the heartbreaking beauty of cellist Alana Henderson
Cariad Harmon is a charming London-bred folksinger who currently lives in New York. She dropped by Saltlands Studio, joined by her friend Orly, for this intimate session, then spoke with Maia.