Katty Huertas’ vegan knitwear shares Florida warmth.
It's Anti-Social Week on BTR! On today's show, we’re talking with the minds behind two of the most provocative viral videos on the subject of how the Digital Age is doing more to keep us apart rather than bring us together.
Fine Lines Week – Curator Karen Sherry discusses the drawings of ‘Fine Lines’.
It's Fine Lines Week on BTR! Get specific with Third Eye Weekly, as explore the colorful history of the Fineline Tattoo parlour in NYC. And later, Eric Gorsky of The Denver Post helps us understand the larger context behind a recent underreported story out of the Jefferson County, Colo. school district.
Slavve is the duo of guitarist/vocalist Chuka Chukuma and drummer Marcos Marchesani, formerly of Weird Wives and Surfer Blood. The duo has played together in various projects since growing up in West Palm Beach, Florida, but recently relocated to Brooklyn. With Slavve, their philosophy is to make everything bigger and louder and, trust us, they had no problem doing just that in the studio. With hardcore undertones to their post-punk howl, they make uniquely cathartic music. Here, they play some tunes and talk to Travis about growing up and playing music together since their childhood in Florida.
Learn to make Spanish shrimp and garlic sauce at home.