There is almost nothing better than freshly baked bread right out of the oven, smothered with butter. It’s time to stop depriving yourself of this daily joy! Here are a couple of quick breads that you can make with ingredients that are probably already lying around your kitchen.
This week ID schools us on salt and grapefruit. Hanabi is MIA in some Scandinavian country. Let us also remind you of this Norwegian recipe we have covered before. He also decided to stop going to Asian restaurants and headed to Toulouse Petit for some rabbit and papardelle! Then a week later he decided he made a mistake. He relapsed at Lou's Sushi in Sacramento CA. He just can't get enough! Also he subscribed to Nature Box. There's a free trial box. Plus if you use the code “share10off” (share ten off), you get $10 of your second box! We think that's how it works, don't hold us to it... Also Beer.