Video artist Janaye Brown makes single-shot videos based around the surreal and mundane moments of everyday life. In a four minute piece called Cocktail Hour, a room filled with fog slowly clears to reveal two figures sitting awkwardly in a living room as a clock is heard ticking off screen. In another video, called Late Spring, we watch for two minutes as insects swarm around a brightly lit bell tower. The Lynchian piece Rocks, With Salt frames a blank patch of sand on the beach that appears to be breathing.
BTR lists 10 of our favorite film scenes that take place in the twilight hour. (Warning: Major Spoilers!)
Mika Kaurismäki is the director of the new film The Girl King. The film tells the story of Queen Kristina of Sweden, who in the 17th century at the age of eighteen attempted to modernize Sweden and has become known as one of the earliest feminist figures in Europe.
This week on the show I talk with filmmaker and anthropologist J.P.Sniadecki about his new documentary The Iron Ministry. J.P. spent three years traveling through China by train, and in the film, he weaves countless trips into one impressionistic journey of people, sound, and clanking metal. We talk about trains in China, non-narrative documentary, and what it’s like to make a documentary on a train.
Rodney Asher is the director of the new documentary, The Nightmare. The film tells the stories of eight people who chronically suffer from a terrifying disorder called sleep paralysis. During sleep paralysis sufferers wake up to find themselves unable to move or speak, and many experience extremely vivid and frightening visual and auditory hallucinations.
Michael Madsen is an artist and filmmaker. In his new documentary The Visit, he tackles perhaps one of the biggest questions of all: What would happen if intelligent life from another world landed on Earth?
It’s Pop Week here on BTR, and who better to feature on today’s show than Leesa Evans, stylist and costume designer behind such pop culture comedy classics as Bridesmaids, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, This Is 40, Trainwreck, and the upcoming Zoolander 2? Not only is Leesa a talented stylist and costumer designer, she is a totally lovely person who was an absolute delight to speak with! Leesa has some wonderfully thoughtful, insightful things to say about the process of costume design and cultivating style, so join us as she shares a bit about her experiences. You’ll hear from Leesa about what she learned as the daughter of a fashion designer, the joy she takes in the collaborative nature of costume design, some of the nuanced details and decisions that go into a film’s overall style, dressing the lovely ladies of Bridesmaids, her own go-to Halloween costume, and more! And for my parting playlist: a mix featuring some of my favorite pop tracks from recent years, including songs from Lia Ices, Sylvan Esso and The Mynabirds. Come join the pop fashion fun with Leesa Evans on BTR’s Sew & Tell!
We review the terrifying new Austrian revenge horror thriller ‘Goodnight Mommy’ and provide a list of the best Autumn flicks
This week we are chatting with professional cinematic photographer Mitch Waite. Waite, who lives in London, will go over the basics of cinematic photography with us, plus what the must see films of 2015 are so far!
This week we’re chatting about cinematic photography with London based photographer Mitch Waite, author behind a blog of the same name that documents his experiences!
We talk about if comedy and action can mix in Marvel’s newest adaptation ‘Ant Man’ and review the top ten best school flicks!
Sony Pictures Animation has outbid Warner Bros. and Paramount and will be working to create a movie about emoji. The movie announcement came at a time when box office numbers seem to favor quirky, animated stories.
This week’s show is all about Jordan! My guest is sneaker and Air Jordan expert Calvan Fowler, owner of the recently opened Jordan Heads shop in Brooklyn, and creator/director of the upcoming Jordan Heads documentary. Join us for a chat about sneaker culture, what makes Air Jordans and the Jordan brand unique, how the internet has changed the sneaker shopping and collecting experience, the Jordan Heads film, and more!
Famed Filmmaker Wes Anderson inspires an honorary tribute, pop-up weekend gallery exhibit at the Joseph Gross Gallery in New York City. Over 70 international artists were featured.
If you lived in Romania in the 1980s and happened to catch a government sanctioned screening of a foreign film or TV show, your viewing experience would have been much different than someone watching in the West. Anything deemed western was cut: scenes with swimming pools, depictions of too much food, marital infidelity, freedom of religion. Even kisses could only last for three seconds on screen. The 80s were some of the harshest years for communism in Romania and the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was considered one of the most brutal in the soviet bloc. The secret police kept tight control over all aspects of Romanian life and cinema was no exception.
What is the line between a cult and commune? BTR reviews a documentary, ‘The Source Family,’ and analyzes the ideas and history behind the formation of the cult.
This week on the Daily Beat we look at Tribeca Film Institute’s Interactive Summit for 2015 and the immersive, new approaches to storytelling.
On today’s show, I got to chat with a dear friend and fantastically fashionable production designer, Virginia Hastings. Virginia has worked in production design here in New York for over seven years, leading and contributing to design teams on feature films, shorts, commercials, and corporate events like the Tonys, MTV Video Music Awards, and even this year’s Superbowl! On today’s show, Virginia talks about the role of production design within film, some of the creative challenges she’s faced on the job, the skills and strengths required to work as part of a film team, and how to prepare to be stylishly unprepared. And I’ve got a nature-themed playlist featuring tracks off the latest from Nebraska legend Simon Joyner and Georgia native Matthew Houck (aka Phosphorescent), along with songs from Canada’s Gold & Youth, German trio Aloa Input, and Brooklyn’s own indie sensation Cults. So get ready to look your best even when you’re unprepared, with Sew & Tell on BTR!
‘Space Jam’ exhibit inspires basketball fans, nostalgic Millennials, and modern art enthusiasts.
This week we chat Brands&Films with Erik Renko!
This week we chat Brands + Film with Erik Renko!
Millennials Week – Will the first all-online horror movie ‘Unfriended’ reinvent the genre, or bring more of the same?