We talk about the new Jurassic Park, confessions from weed dispensary owners, and review the holiday classic "Elf."
This week we continue our review of the new HBO hit series "Westworld!"
We talk about why Tarantino is a dick, discover the missing link between Bowie and Kanye, ruminate on getting pets high, and review the harrowing film "The Machinist."
We riff on Miley Cyrus and Bill Murray, how Ice Cube is about to remake Oliver Twist, and review the twisty-turny thriller "The Girl on the Train."
We talk about Selena Gomez getting help, finding weed in your Wendy's fries, the #kenbonezone, and review the 90s flick "Can't Hardly Wait."
We talk about the Brad and Angelina divorce, riff on Hillary Clinton's appearance on Between Two Ferns, and review the classic "Grease" in honor of the last days of summer.
Today we honor Gene Wilder's passing with a reminiscence on the classic "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."
We talk about the death of Gawker, shitty movie sequels, weed, and review the sequel of Independence Day (it sucks).
In honor of Harry's birthday and JK Rowling's new play book thing, we're doing a throwback and reviewing the first "Harry Potter" film.
We talk about the gender image of women in Hollywood, robots making horror movies, and review "Almost Famous" for our monthly segment of "Becc to the Future."
We talk film and marijuana news, how North Korea endorsed Donald Trump, and review the new Coen brothers flick "Hail, Caesar!"
We review the new Marvel superhero flick "Captain America: Civil War."
Our third week of Tribeca Film Festival coverage brings us a review of the harrowing short film "Curve" and interviews with the cast and crew!
It's our second Tribeca featured film! We review the documentary "Bugs," which talks about the world of edible insects and interview the makers of the film to hear about what this strange future may hold.
We talk about what to expect next week for the Tribeca Film Festival and review the eccentric new drama "The Lobster."
We talk about the greatest characters in film and review the new drama "The Danish Girl" starring Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander, and Amber Heard.
We talk about Leonardo DiCaprio's best roles (while crossing our fingers for his Oscar win!) and review the new drama "Room."
We provide a list of the best movies to work out to and review the new epic JJ Abrams-helmed installment 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'
We talk about some essential mindless flicks to rein in the New Year and review the new 007 extravaganza 'Spectre'