Many of the artists who have visited us for studio sessions for BTR Live Studio and Serious Business on BTR or for location shoots for BTR Hear & There are playing this year's CMJ Music Marathon, one of the premiere music events of the year in New York City. We thought we'd take this opportunity to present a video preview to give you an idea of what you might expect while out and about during the week. Included are 5 previously unreleased videos for Balkans, Elk City, Great Elk, Savoir Adore, and The Stepkids. We hope you enjoy! [youtube_playlist]
On this week's episode of Pulse, BTR visits the Brooklyn Flea's new location on the refurbished waterfront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Stunning views, great finds and beautiful views are all a part of the Sunday outdoor market's appeal.
On this week's special double edition of Pulse, we tag-team our coverage of last week's SXSW. In New York, host Jess Westberg asks musicians why they decided to sit the Austin fest out. Meanwhile, in Austin, DJ Matt Lehtola talks to participating bands and industry insiders, to find out whether the trip was really worth it. Austin sights, Tex Mex cuisine and bands abound. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]