Allison Sutter, a certified coach, best selling author, and entrepreneur talks with us about overcoming the fear of public speaking.
Fear Week - Due to an incredibly rare form of brain damage, a woman known as SM is entirely immune to the feeling of fear. SM suffers from Urbach-Wiethe disease, an extremely rare condition that causes the hardening of the temporal lobes due to calcium deposits in the brain.
Today we explore the dynamics in some of the breeding grounds of fear and how we can shed light on mitigating the fear as we watch the horrific news of the day.
Dr. Edward Day, Chair at the Department of Sociology at Chapman University talks about his study into the top fears of Americans for 2015.
Part 2 of our interview with David Altheide on how much of the fear around us is unwarranted.
Fear Week - Fear is a natural and necessary element of survival but must be tamed on a large scale. But how does fear manifest itself, and why is it so difficult to overcome even when we know it’s irrational?
Professor David Altheide speaks with us about fear-mongering in American media.
Fear Week - Tracing the evolution of fear tactics that have taken root in the presentation of our daily news cycles. David Altheide tells us about how a history of violence conveyed through the media has come to isolate our society.
Happiness Week - It’s a common parental instinct to protect children from things they may not yet understand. Subjects that may elicit fright or confusion in a child are typically shielded, up until a certain age, at which a parent decides a child is mature enough to encounter such material.
Care Week - The fear of flying is called aviophobia and the National Institute of Mental Health estimates about 20 million Americans suffer from it. Compassionate flight crews might make the experience more tolerable for the anxious passengers.