BTR is taking a week to honor and celebrate men! And what better time to do a long-overdue menswear feature here on Sew & Tell? Not only do I have men's apparel on today's show, but I have Alex Maine, a hot new made-in-the-USA label, based in L.A. Surf pro and entrepreneur Bron Heussenstamm grew up in the world of fashion apparel, with parents who started two big-name Southern California stores. What he saw as a hole in the menswear industry - well-made, stylish, but comfortable pants - became the impetus for his new brand. With passionate dedication to bringing U.S. industry back to life, Alex Maine offers guys an opportunity to look good, and feel great about what they're wearing. On today's show, Bron will talk about his inspiration to launch Alex Maine, crafting a retail experience for the guy's guy, and some lessons he learned about fashion retail from his father. Plus, a man-centric playlist with great variety, including tunes from Tom Waits, Limes, Birthmark, and Big Search, as well as brand new music from Hot Chip and Jukebox the Ghost. So listen up! It's not too late to do some last-minute Father's Day shopping, and Alex Maine has got you covered!