Maria de Los Angeles is a New York-based artist who was born in Mexico and immigrated to Santa Rosa California in 2000. Her work is inspired by both personal experience and the the larger political conversations surrounding migration.
Even if those around you believe it, you’re still the weirdo wearing a shirt about porn.
In this episode, Mary talks about how a trip to New York led to a change in goals and a career in fashion. She also shares some insight for anyone who wants to move to New York City.   Music featured in the episode: “Baby, I Hope So” by Miniboone
BTRtoday’s own Taia Handlin joins the show to discuss the lace shorts for men, the logistics of a romper, and whether recent social media men’s fashion trends are coopting gender bending styles and culture.
The fabulous new lace shorts do what RompHim wants to: challenge gender fashion expectations in men’s fashion.
A fashion trend fails to break the bonds of “bro”-dom.
Claire Geist is the sort of woman who cannot be put into a neatly wrapped box. A model, photographer, software engineer, and fashion blogger, Claire has always been the type of woman who blazes her own trail. She talked to BTRtoday about how she got to where she is and what she is working on next.
New York Fashion Week used to be an exclusive event directed toward the wealthy. Now, designers such as Dolce & Gabbana are selling t-hirts with Justin Bieber’s face on it, and even Kanye West has his own fashion line. Is fashion just trolling us at this point?
Jonathon Keats was stated as being a “poet of ideas” by The New Yorker and a “multimedia philosopher-prophet” by The Atlantic. Jonathon Keats is an artist, writer and experimental philosopher based in San Francisco and Northern Italy. His conceptually-driven interdisciplinary projects explore all aspects of society through science and technology. He has installed a camera with a thousand-year-long exposure – documenting the long-term effects of climate change – at Arizona State University; opened a photosynthetic restaurant serving gourmet sunlight to plants at the Crocker Art Museum;  and attempted to genetically engineer God in collaboration with scientists at the UC Berkeley. Exhibited internationally, Keats’s projects have been documented by PBS, Reuters, and the BBC World Service, garnering favorable attention in periodicals ranging from Science to Flash Art to The Economist. In recent years, he has lectured at institutions including UC Berkeley, Stanford University and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), which recently awarded him a 2015-16 Art + Technology Lab Grant. All photos courtesy of Jonathon Keats. Birds use Earth’s magnetic field to guide their flight path. However geomagnetism is relatively weak, and easily overridden by other sources of magnetism at close proximity. Research has shown that magnets can affect birds’ internal compasses. In this experimental prototype, a magnet has been attached to a toy airplane, influencing the compass needles beneath it, providing an alternate north-south orientation for birds to follow. Large cities on migratory flyways may imperil birds. Light and electromagnetic pollution can be disorienting, and urbanization may deprives them of habitat for roosting. By electromagnetically manipulating compass directions, air traffic control towers can steer birds around cities or even entire regions. This satellite map of the United States at night reveals where urbanization is most pronounced by showing where artificial light is most concentrated. The superimposed compasses show potential alterations to the geomagnetic field that will reorient flyways around human developments. Base Map Courtesy of NASA Earth Observatory Micro-vibrators titillate flowers that have to be artificially pollinated as colony collapse disorder afflicts honeybee populations. These botanical sex toys can be battery- or solar powered. This model shows several sex toys attached to a plant. A dismantled micro-vibrator is also displayed. Micro-vibrators titillate flowers that have to be artificially pollinated as colony collapse disorder afflicts honeybee populations. These botanical sex toys can be battery- or solar powered. This model shows several sex toys attached to a plant. A dismantled micro-vibrator is also displayed. Fiber optics facilitate photosynthesis in corals, providing an alternate energy source when turbid or polluted oceans prevent adequate sunlight from passing through the water. This conceptual model shows how the fiber optics cables might be illuminated by LEDs that are powered by photovoltaics on the ocean surface. The LEDs could alternately be powered by wave energy, or the fiber optics could be illuminated directly with a solar concentrator. Military camouflage designed for urban combat allows reptiles to elude detection in cities as urbanization overtakes their natural habitats. In this model, a turtle wears a camouflage fabric shell covering.    
Though it still isn’t nearly where it should be, there has been more body diversity in the fashion world of late than there has been in years, but is it just another trend or is it here to stay?
Eila Mell returns for a recap of the Oscars and explains the show’s significance in the fashion world.
Fashion writer Eila Mell joins the show to close out New York Fashion Week, discussing trends and changes in the industry, social media’s effect on fashion, the emergence of bloggers as influencers, and much more.
ReQuest Model Management art director Jordana Kozyreff joins the show to discuss her busy schedule during New York Fashion Week and its significance in the fashion industry.
Richard Haines is an artist and fashion illustrator living and working in New York. He moved here in 1975 from Washington, D.C. to pursue illustration and instead found a successful career as a fashion designer. Through his work with brands such as Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis and Bill Blass, he developed a keen eye for the often overlooked details of form, fabric and how a garment falls on the body, which laid a foundation for his illustration work. After years in the world of fashion design, his career has now come full circle allowing him to emerge as one of today’s most sought after fashion illustrators.