Matt Lauer is fired from the Today show after allegations of inappropriate workplace behavior, Trump retweets far-right nationalists, and listener mail. Matt Lauer photo by David Shankbone…
John is in the studio to talk about the implications of Trump’s speech to the UN, and listener mail. photo by Gage Skidmore courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Stripped of politics and violence, the life of Based Stick Man is a miserable and familiar story.
Fascists and anti-fascists meet in the street in Berkeley, conservatives are losing trust in Trump, and listener mail. Anti-Fascism Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
John joins us to catch up on the healthcare bill and Nunes going rogue, everything is in chaotic flux, and a giant pile of excellent listener mail. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
Comparisons between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler have been both rationally considered and wantonly overblown. Does his presidency really signal the early stages of American fascism?
Stephen Miller continues to reveal himself as a fascist, Trump's Mar-a-Lago security catastrophe, Beyonce gets robbed at the Grammy's, and listener mail. Photo credit: John Knefel
The emerging trend of equating fascists and anti-fascists, and listener mail. Photo credit: Antifascists, By Mohammed Abushaban - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,