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It’s Radio Dispatch Best of 2019 and we’re revisiting our interviews with Shane Burley about the Patriot Prayer rally in Portland, and Melissa Gira Grant on decriminalization progress in New…
Huffington Post’s Christopher Mathias on the far right. Also, John Bolton has left the administration, Netanyahu again promises to annex much of the West Bank, and California upends the exploitative gig economy. Photo courtesy of Christopher Mathias
Anna Merlan joins us to discuss her new book Republic of Lies: American Conspiracy Theorists and their Surprising Rise to Power. Also, seven far left ideas that are incredibly popular, and listener…
Shane Burley joins us to discuss the Proud Boys march in Portland. Also, Leaked emails show the Daily Caller hired a Nazi, and listener mail. Photo courtesy of Shane Burley  
We spend the hour on two pieces about far right conservatism and youth. Make American Great Again photo courtesy of James McNellis via Wikimedia Commons