Check out Dish + Drink columnist Dane Feldman's top 10 recipes of 2014.
Sweet potato, pumpkin, and twice-baked acorn squash are stuffed into these colorful shells.
Spaghetti squash, mushrooms, and turkey meatballs come together in this light fall dinner.
Honey, cranberries, oats, and walnuts come together in these pumpkin muffins.
Apple sauce is a fall favorite and this recipe is as easy as they come.
Celebrate Halloween with a particularly autumn-inspired risotto.
Serve this fall-inspired cocktail all Halloween weekend long.
Bananas and almond milk come together in this nutritious and filling breakfast smoothie.
Whiskey, apple cider, and lime juice come together in this sweet and tangy cocktail.
Almond milk, apple cider, and prune plums come together in this fall-inspired breakfast.
Combine ground turkey, carrots, celery, and onions for these juicy homemade burgers.
This light chili recipe is far more suited for fall than its wintry counterpart.
Squash and eggplant come together in this healthy fall-inspired side dish.
Garlic, rosemary, and lemon come together in this juicy fall chicken recipe.
Update your kugel recipe this fall with fresh fruit and nuts.
Bake a more guilt-free cake this fall.
Bacon and rosemary come together in this goat cheese pasta dish.
These roasted vegetables are the perfect autumn side dish.
Upgrade your bourbon cocktails using homemade peach simple syrup.
Roast your next chicken using this late summer/early fall recipe.