John Bolton tried to wash his hands of Trump’s Ukraine phone call, Trump self-owns by issuing sanctions on Turkey for doing exactly what he set them up to do, and thoughts on Zuckerberg, Warren, and…
The bizarre Facebook event has inspired meme accounts everywhere.
A new analysis shows how many cops are openly and explicitly racist on Facebook, an architect of gerrymandering has it in writing that the census citizenship question is meant to help whites, and Joe…
Piper Anderson joins us to discuss her work using storytelling to fight mass incarceration. Also, Morning John on the War Powers Resolution passing in the House and the Senate.
In Part 2, Sean B. Cash discusses how recent news about Facebook's data and privacy breaches might affect responses to his study today, as well as if the results might translate to other social media.
Sean B. Cash joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring how users monetarily value their Facebook accounts.