Dating apps and social networks have officially fused into a cyber lovefest of hookups and friendship, blurring the boundary between romantic or platonic love.
Too often we—myself included—assume public profiles are a true indication of someone’s life. As a result, we set standards for our own life to match those who seem truly happy, in love, successful, or any other adjective that we deem desirable enough to identify ourselves with. Unfortunately, we can never win in this situation.
People want less stress, they don’t want to be put on the spot more often. Video calling adds a layer of preparation that only increases phone-related anxiety.
It’s happened to all of us: the steady decline into a Facebook hole. Is our constant access to memories and people poisoning our mental health? BTRtoday explores.
BTRtoday explores how the selfie can transcend narcissistic art.
A 2015 revealed—unsurprisingly—that narcissists are more like to post Facebook status updates about their fitness routines.
Facebook’s special algorithm enables it to analyze users' data and determine how much of a liberal or conservative he or she is.
It sounds like a joke, but selfies are becoming an increasingly serious cause of death. BTRtoday takes a look into the motives behind the dangerous social media habit.