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Summer's almost here!! No. Really. Despite whatever craziness is happening with the weather, warm sunshine really is making a comeback, and along with it - summer dresses and all good things! Which, in city life, also means the return of food trucks! But what if you could eat a Korean-fusion truck taco while SHOPPING on a truck?? Too good to be true? Or just the brainchild of a visionary? Lucky for us, it's the latter. Emily Benson is owner & operator of The Fashion Truck, a Boston-based mobile boutique filled with unique apparel & accessories. Emily is dedicated to individual attention for customers and designers alike, so she fills her truck with both local and national labels, and personally greets each face that comes through the door. And she's committed to making her fashion affordable, so you can walk out the door with new earrings, necklace, handbag, dress and coat, for under $200! What more could a street style savvy ask for? On today's show, Emily talks shop about her truck shop, some of the unique challenges and rewards of running a small mobile business, some of the Boston area labels she loves, and future plans to (ohyesplease!) bring The Fashion Truck to other cities. Plus, tons of great new music on the show! We've got tracks from supergroup Diamond Rugs, Brooklyn's own Boom Chick, Allo Darlin', Here We Go Magic, and more! So grab your smartphone and warm up that Twitter finger… truck season is back in fashion!
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As increasingly tragic stories of cyberbullying make the headlines — most notably the Tyler Clementi story and the subsequent trial of his roommate, Dharun Rhavi — the line between simple online expression and malicious online attacks may seem blurrier than ever. On this week's BTR Pulse, host Lauren Hawker asks New Yorkers their thoughts on cyberbullying, the privacy and censorship concerns surrounding it, and whether it's preventable.