Because coming to grips with the fact it was a sled the whole time is tough!
It’s time to start counting down the year in music friend, beginning today… But wait… Is that fresh Burial?
More than 100 vendors have set up shop at this year’s Union Square Holiday Market to sell unique gifts from local businesses unavailable elsewhere. This week on BTR Pulse, Lauren Hawker speaks with shoppers and vendors about holiday gift ideas and why the market is so popular.
Latola talks about the false hopes of self hype and plays new music from Toro Y Moi and Brian Eno
Earl Sweatshirt. Calvin Love. Ratking. Pears. Hundred Waters. Angel Haze. Open Mike Eagle. Slow Magic. John Talabot. Medina Green. Drink Up Buttercup. And more…
Having trouble coming up with the perfect get-up for Halloween this year? This week, on BTR Pulse, we visit New York City costume shop Abracadabra — located in the Flatiron District — to ask employees and patrons for their thoughts on costumes, wigs, masks, makeup and props.
S O H N. Dirty Beaches. Micachu. Teen. Dum Dum Girls. Bob and Gene. Levek. Matthew Dear. Deerhunter. Patrick Watson. White Birds. Man Man. And more…
Vensaire, a five piece Brooklyn band, calls their own genre of music “instinctelectual – bridging the gap between the intellectual pursuit of conceptual music with the unthinking pull of the visceral.” Utilizing acoustic and electronic elements, they pull sounds from the ether into a swirling sort of folk psychedelia akin to a mellower pre-pop Animal Collective, all in the context of a fascination with Japan. From their artwork to their live shows, aesthetic choices seem to be nearly as important as musical ones.
There’s no real quick fix to dieting, but with a significant change in eating and exercise habits, we can improve.
Starlight Girls are a Brooklyn band specializing in downtempo pop and sultry storytelling – but not exclusively. Drawing on inspiration from the best of all your favorite musical decades (20s, 50s, 60s, 80s, etc) and genres (indie rock, french pop, surf, new wave) the Starlight Girls bring a spooky style all their own to a sort of modern day cabaret sound. Also, they make the most tasteful use of a flute this side of Jethro Tull. With a 7” collab with Xiu Xiu imminent and a debut LP due next year, it looks like we’ll be hearing much more from the group in the coming months.
Renowned for its inspirational coaches, cool music, and full body workouts, SoulCycle has built a cult-like following. Founded in 2006, the revolutionary indoor cycling class has taken spinning to another level. This week on BreakThruTV, Lauren Hawker visits SoulCycle’s Tribeca studio to catch up with instructor Chad Stringfellow, aka “String,” to learn about and take part in the intense, action-packed 60 minute class.
Having been a part of several popular bands while living in his home country of New Zealand, James Milne has years of experience when it comes to music-making and performance. Lawrence Arabia, Milne’s solo project, was born in 2006 and has been well received since, winning a 2009 APRA Silver Scroll Award — New Zealand’s most prestigious songwriting award. The Sparrow, mainly inspired and written throughout 2010, was released this past July. While on tour, featuring stops in North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, Lawrence Arabia stopped into our studio to share a bit about his new album.
Hailing from New York City, Casey Shea and his four-piece play music that wavers between booming rock ‘n’ roll and piercingly heartfelt folk-rock. Led by Casey Shea on guitar/vocals — who previously fronted bands in Nashville and Tallahassee — the group also features Matthew Basile (bass), Len Monachello (piano/vocals), Dave Burnett (drums/vocals), and Gilber Gilmore (guitar/vocals). Many of the band’s songs, their sincerity accented by Shea’s passionate voice, have been featured in a number of TV shows and films.
A study on the effect of music on exercise sheds new light on a classic Hollywood moment.