Excess Week - Everyone has certain things we can't get enough of. In honor of Excess Week here on BTR, some of the staffers disclose items, people, or pastimes that they love almost to the point of excess.
Excess Week - Meg Wolfe, author of the blog The Minimalist Woman, explains her methods of uncluttering a home to avoid the habit of hoarding. She tells BTR that she was fortunate enough not to endure the most severe symptoms of hoarding before adapting to her minimalist lifestyle.
Excess Week - BTR examines the phenomenon of bioluminescent tides, which cause the oceans to glow like starry skies. In reality, the mystical blue scintillae scattered like stars across the ocean’s surface are a type of microbial, single-celled phytoplankton called dinoflagellates.
America has a food waste problem, a very large one. The nation's obsession with “sell by” dates and perfect packaging has led to an epidemic of food waste.
We live in a time when abundance reigns king. There can sometimes seem to be no limit of places to eat and shop, ways to communicate with others, and methods for consumption. BTR’s Lisa Autz and Zach Schepis take to the streets of New York City to ask people about some of their most excessive habits and what they may do to combat their own excessiveness
Excess Week - A revolutionary new immersive experience is currently in the works that could forever alter the ways in which we interact with our entertainment. BTR takes a sneak peek inside the world’s very first immersive virtual reality theme park.