This Is The Kit is the project of English-born singer-songwriter Kate Sables. Based out of Paris and often accompanied by longtime collaborator Jesse Vernon, she plays folk-rock that is sparse, stripped-down, and marked by a captivatingly tender and calm ambiance. Sables has been lauded by artists like Sharon Van Etten, and she is currently signed to Brassland Records, the label co-founded by The National’s Aaron and Bryce Dessner.
Guest Chef DJRePete is making a mess on the BTR Cooking Show, whipping up a traditional British dessert in his adopted home of London: Topless Mince Pies. Tune in for the recipe and an all-UK themed soundtrack with artists hailing from or singing about ye old United Kingdom, including The Kabeedies, Passenger, and Theophilus London. Plus, preview the UK festival season with news from The Apple Cart Music Festival featuring Noah & The Whale. Satisfy your sweet tooth and your musical appetite today on the BTR Cooking Show with DJRePete!
Indie pop band Summer Camp is made up of Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey. Hailing from England, the duo write dark and conflicted tales of love and longing, while their music is shrouded in nostalgia, sounding as though it’s of another time. The catchy, lo-fi tunes, like “Better Off Without You” and “Brian Krakow,” draw inspiration from playful 60s girl groups and yet simultaneously seem perfect for any 80s movie soundtrack (or an episode of My So-Called Life). Here they perform a special acoustic set for BTR Live Studio.