The annual punk festival that keeps us coming back year after year.
Today we review Spencer Krug's fourth album under the moniker Moonface, Julie with Blue Jeans On. Released by Jagjaguwar on October 29th, the record offers a unique addition to extensive discography of Krug, who has been in many bands such as Wolf Parade, Swan Lake, Sunset Rubdown, and more. Julia with Blue Jeans On diverges substantially from his past endeavors, it is a stripped down album that features only piano and vocals. We're not entirely convinced.
Either you were that kid, knew that kid, or hated that kid who obsessed over the touring pop punk extravaganza in high school, but do the haters today have a point?
The songwriter opens up about supporting the LGBT community and coming of age with Chris Carabba.
Why nothing says a worthwhile reunion quite like having a new album that's actually worthy of a band's legacy.