Welcome to the final Party Hour Show of 2013. Tonight we take a look back at some of the best indie releases of the year and the artist who entertained us. New Music with Santigold and fun. Find out my Favorite Music Video of 2013. Plus memorable moments of the year and the recent releases from Cut Copy and Arcade Fire.
The Brooklyn-based electro-pop group that offers a moment in time captured in a visual.
Strange Talk are an Australian foursome making summery dance music. A live band that commands the dance floor with more beats and synths than your favorite club DJ, they’ve got the right pedigree to do the genre justice. With the requisite classically trained musician, a dance producer/DJ, and an array of funk/soul musicians, all the elements are there to make the kind of catchy, upbeat dance music that fits right in at festivals and headlining gigs on the international circuit.