Jake Stanczak, AKA the notorious dubstep pioneer Kill The Noise, is no ordinary club sensation.
Excellence personified gets re-injected with heart pumping faultlessness courtesy of production knight AntonyToga. Tippled by loopy, funky flavour and precision marked aural coolness, we should rename AntonyToga: Antony “Winning” Toga. Follow AntonyToga’s band of The Starving Burgers HERE. DJ MEDHI & THOMAS BANGALTER – Signatune (AntonyToga Dynasty’s ReBoot Mix) via
DJ Wayne Ski plays the best electric beats — RIDE IT
A lot of exciting things are happening here at The Digital Outhouse, and I wish I could share the news with everyone, but just like Apple we like to keep these things under wraps. Unlike Apple, when we actually unveil what it is, it won’t be a big deal, and the line to see it will probably be 2 people long (my Mom and Dad). Hey, speaking of wonderfully-new things, Teen Daze’s new album All of Us, Together (which is due out June 4th) is currently streaming for free at Free things are always just swell. via
If Bebel Gilberto were from Finland… I’ve recently come across a brilliant trio from Helsinki by the name of Regina. Their latest effort Soita Mulle (Call Me) emerged in September. Their song ‘Ui Mun Luo’ (google translated to My Swims Create) possesses a sort of laid-back bossa nova-inspired sensuality. Before I knew anything about Regina, I heard this song I expected to understand a few Portuguese words— they never came. Iisa Pykäri sings in a language of which I cannot utter a single word; however, the pure joy and enthusiasm that Regina brings to their songs is unmistakable. Their emotions are simple and in no way dialectal. Take Ui Mun Luo and Haluan Sinut for a spin below. Regina – Ui Mun Luo Regina – Haluan Sinut via Escucharemos
A whole lot of people were spaffing themselves over last night’s Boiler Room (London Crew) but make sure not to miss this recorded set from Kuedo too. We listen to his Severant track ‘Scissors’ almost every day, so it’s a treat to here him mix for the live stream show’s Berlin Crew. As the confused sounding host says “Let’s travel with him to space or wherever he will take us”. via Abeano
March is rolling full steam ahead with Music Conferences and Festivals! As we leave Austin’s SxSW we now head east to Florida and Miami’s Ultra Music Fest & WMC. The week long extravaganza is going down right now. Every one who’s any one in the electronic and dance scene will be performing. So to give you a taste of what your missing out on, todays show features many of the acts that are featured down in Florida this week. We got some of the biggest producers in the scene right now, including double joints by Steve Aoki, Rusko, Armand Van Helden and kicking off the show with back to back joints by Diplo his Jamacian Cartoon Hero: “Major Lazer.”