Trent England discusses the origins of the Save Our States project and the importance of educating both legislators and citizens about federalism.
Trent England discusses how the elimination of the Electoral College would affect our political system, including the way campaigns are formed and run.
Robert Hardaway discusses what the American political system might look like without the Electoral College.
BTRtoday sits down with Trent England of the Save Our States Project to talk about the importance of the Electoral College and what the United States might look like without it.
Robert Hardaway talks about the lack of understanding about the Electoral College amongst the American public, as well as common arguments made against it.
Robert Hardaway discusses how the Electoral College is intrinsically intertwined with the Constitution, including the existence of the U.S. Senate.
Dr. John C. Eastman discusses arguments against the Electoral College and the odds of moving toward a popular vote electoral system.
Dr. John C. Eastman discusses how the Electoral College was proposed and implemented, its validity in our modern political environment, and the dangers of majority tyranny.