Outright voter suppression in Georgia. Bernie lays out a leftist vision for foreign policy. And listener mail.
Morning John joins us to discuss the Ron DeSantis’s racist remarks about his Democratic opponent Andrew Gillum, Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon square off in their first gubernatorial debate, and John McCain’s legacy of school choice.
Jesse Myerson is back to talk 2018 elections so far and the intersections of electoral politics and socialism, and Morning John on John Brennan.    Jesse Myerson Jesse Myerson, via Twitter.
Pennsylvania’s election results are a good sign for 2018 but let’s hope Democrats don’t think centrism is the only lesson, how black mothers remain excluded from the “work-life” balance, and…
A great piece by Katherine Cross looks at the pressure put on Chelsea Manning after her release from prison, the Democrats need to start figuring out more specific messaging as the elections get…
It’s our second show of the new year and we’re looking forward to 2018, and getting to some evergreen listener mail from 2017. Kirsten Gillibrand Officia Photo