Get the indie rock music out of your head after a strenuous CMJ fest and bask in the world's music from Algeria, Cuba, Mali, and Benin.
DJ Wynn shares tunes from El Rego, Monguito, Max Capote, and Franny Glass.
DJRePete inches you closer to the holiday weekend in the states with the latest from Bishop Allen, and alternative from Literature, and Joel Jerome. Plus, fresh off their Arcade Fire opener shows, he highlights The Unicorns who are still on the road. And don’t miss info on a trio of festivals including LouFest in St. Louis and the Hopscotch Music Fest in Raleigh, and the POP Montreal International Music Festival. Blues, electronica, and throwbacks from Matt & Kim, Arc Iris, and Euphone. That’s your Wednesday start with DJRePete on BTR!
This beach mix from the Worldwide Hour features music from El Rego, Orchestra Baobab, Pete 'Conde' Rodriguez, and Celia Cruz.
00:00  DJ Wynn 01:08  Milk and Honey in My Dub - Prince Fatty 04:39  Shake It Up - Bostich + Fussible 08:11  Ojos Verdes - Alfredo Gutierrez y su Conjunto 11:23  Alboury - Super Etoile de Dakar 17:27  Coulibaly - Amadou & Mariam 20:44  Chimbombo - Monguito 27:11  DJ Wynn 27:55  Achuta - El Rego 30:17  Caixa Preta - Curumin 33:28  El Plato Roto - Miguel Quintana 38:13  Bogne Sirala - Africando 44:41  Essa Moca Ta Diferente - Bossacucanova 49:02  Son de Los Viejitos - Melcochita 54:41  DJ Wynn 55:48  Ce N'est Pas Ma Secretaire - Pamelo Mounka 63:30  Finish Amadou & Mariam May 16  Ondines - Change, France May 17  Ondines - Change, France Africando July 24  Les Arenes - Vic Fezensac, France July 27  Les Arenes - Vic Fezensac, France Prince Fatty
Melt away the snow forever with this summery mix featuring music from Tinariwen, Amadou & Mariam, El Rego, and Manu Dibango.
DJ Wynn shares new music from Lebanese singer/songwriter Yasmine Hamdan, whose new album draws inspiration from Arab women singers from the mid 20th century. Your home will also be warmed by the funk and soul of El Rego, Amadou & Mariam, and Chicago Afrobeat Project.
Slowed down by holiday dessert and the northeast snowstorm, DJ Wynn put together a laid-back set featuring music from El Rego, Coeur de Pirate, and Tsegue Maryam Guebrou.