Happy Holidays from the BTR family. DJ Wynn is celebrating with vibrant music from Alemayehu Eshete, Celia Cruz, El Rego, and Orchestra Baobab.
Hop on the Worldwide Hour to hear the relaxing Soukous stylings of Docteur Nico, the magical accordion of Angel Vasquez, and the West African funk of El Rego.
DJ Wynn shares his experience with Whiskey and Westerns, which shaped today's set featuring Amadou & Mariam, Gipsy Kings, Lee Scratch Perry, and Tinariwen.
DJ Wynn urges you to leave your comfort zone with musical help from C.K. Mann, Helado Negro, Passy Mermans, and El Rego.
Explore the world's music with DJ Wynn and hear tracks from Augustus Pablo, El Rego, Orchestra Baobab, and Seu Jorge.
Leave your desk with the Worldwide Hour and bask in the warm sounds of El Rego, Africando, and Roy Chicago.
Warm up with this mix featuring El Rego, Tinariwen, Amadou & Mariam, and Jorge Benjor
Spilled coffee won't ruin this Worldwide Hour. DJ Wynn turns to the happy music of El Rego, Africando, and Roy Chicago
Happy New Year!!! DJ Wynn spins happy party tracks from Celia Cruz, Alemayehu Eshete, and El Rego