As 2012 comes to a close, we ask people to look back on some of the top television shows of the year and to let us know which of those they’re looking forward to following into 2013. Watch out for POTENTIAL SPOILERS, as we hear from people about HBO’s Boadwalk Empire and Game Of Thrones, AMC’s Mad Men, and Showtime’s Dexter.
In their own words, Toronto trio Metz plays simple rock music. Yet, their tunes are actually anything but simple -- a lot of intention goes into every pounding drum beat, booming bass sound, thrashing guitar lick, and howling vocal part. In a musical landscape that sometimes seems to put a premium on quantity, equating more musicians with a more impressive sound, it's refreshing to just see three dudes put everything into some sick, huge music. Perhaps best of all, they're smart, funny, kind people, and were a joy to have in the studio. Watch as Travis tries to join the band, talks about Aerosmith, and gets a bit of background on how the guys started playing together.