It’s Community Week at BTR! On today’s show, we’re bringing you the interviews behind two headlines you can find on the BreakThru Radio site today. Up first, Dr. Deborah Peel is a psychoanalyst and founder of Patients Privacy Rights who helps us better understand the new ways that Google is infringing on the rights of its users. And later, Tanya Silverman talks more about urban development with John J. George of the Detroit Blight Busters, a charitable group helping the Motor City fight decay.
DJ Diaper in da house; a new method of music education for babies that greatly contributes to their development.
One of the nation’s largest public school systems finds itself the battleground over religious right ideals.
The story of an education program at an all-female prison in New York City that was evacuated for Sandy.
While college graduates are having an increasingly difficult time finding jobs, some young people are opting to become an apprentice rather than an intern.
An MIT Professor who helps teach kids computer coding talks about the best ways to use tech in education.
Marijuana legalization makes sense, even if you’ve never used it (like me).
Facts aren’t always as factual and reliable as we expect them to be…