This week Kimberly spoke with Lucia Love, a Brooklyn-based based artist whose illustrative, character-driven paintings comically depict doomsday landscapes that are uncanny in their similarities to today’s world. Lucia is also the cohost of the Art and Labor podcast and they are involved in the collaborative project Constructing the Real, a free online school that focuses in art theory art history and more. All images courtesy of the artist
​MJ Knefel explains the Summer Rising initiative in NYC as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic​. Although the support for children and families is to be applauded, MJ cautions against an academically rigorous summer when what children really need is a break and a chance to play.
Ballots are being cast in the NYC mayoral race this week, but election results will most likely be unavailable until July. MJ Knefel discusses some of the frontrunners in the race, notable moments, and the use of a ranked choice ballot for the first time in the city’s history.
While COVID-19 forced most K-12 schools across the country to adopt some alternative method of instruction over the last year, many are hopeful for the fall and what that means for in-person instruction. MJ Knefel addresses the fact that in many ways, schools operating in the same way they did before the pandemic is not desirable.
Molly Knefel shares her thoughts on the Biden Administration’s plans to reopen K-12 schools across the country and why returning to the pre-COVID status quo should be avoided.