At a conservative education conference, Republicans and Democrats celebrate “choice,” and Just John on World War II parallels with the present. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
Education reformers reel after Trump's election, the bad digital law that's ruining the Internet, and listener mail.
Trump hires a Koch Brothers huckster to run voter intimidation campaign, Democrats are turning against charter schools for the first time, and listener mail.  
Segregation starts at pre-K, and listener mail.  
The growing resistance to charter schools and the ed reform movement, and that awful article about how to talk to women with headphones on.  
John Oliver covers charter schools, ISIS uses a child suicide bomber to attack a wedding in southern Turkey, and listener mail.
How do you choose a school in a segregated city, the CIA releases new documents highlighting its brutal torture techniques, and listener mail.
A new article examines racism in elite public schools, re-examining the American airstrike on the MSF hospital in Afghanistan, and listener mail.
The construction of the biological clock, the MORE caucus issues a report on working and learning conditions in NYC schools, and listener mail.
Obama sends 250 special operations forces troops to Syria, and a close look at the reduction of school suspensions in New York City, and listener mail.
Eye in the Sky fails to offer insight into the age of drone warfare, a pro-charter school group sues the DOE, and Ted Cruz goes to The Bronx.
Ted Cruz calls to “patrol and secure” Muslim neighborhoods in the aftermath of the bombing in Brussels, Success Academy tries to stop leaks to the press, and listener mail.
Eva Moskowitz responds to damning undercover video of a Success Academy teacher, Jeb Bush tweets a photo of a gun with his name on it, and listener mail.
An undercover video shows a teacher at Success Academy berating a first grader for an incorrect answer, and listener mail.
How charter schools are the new subprime loans, the incorrect narrative that Obama lost the Iraq war, and listener mail.