Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's disingenuous charity scam, our end-of-the-year round-up, and listener mail.
The got to go list and the importance of keeping the most challenging students, and listener mail on education.
The US enters a new phase in the war against ISIS, Boston looks to charterize 36 public schools, and listener mail. Today's show was recorded before the attacks in Paris.
Frontline's AC Thompson joins us to discuss his investigation into a string of murders in the 1980s that targeted Vietnamese-American journalists, and Success Academy's “got to go” policy.
The GOP debate leaves all of us a little worse off, the secret story of how four lawyers gave the OK on the bin Laden raid, following up on a NYC school diversity story, and listener mail.
Frontline's Martin Smith joins us to discuss his new documentary Inside Assad's Syria, the Obama administration decides it will move to limit testing, and listener mail.
Cora Currier on the Kill Chain and the Drone Papers, fact checking MSNBC's apology for its Israel map, and the difference between gentrification and integration.
PBS runs a story critical of Success Academy, Benjamin Netanyahu blames a Palestinian mufti for the holocaust, and listener mail.
A Guantanamo Bay art exhibit goes where Obama fears to tread, activists claim potential Internet domains for Eva Moskowitz, and listener mail.
US keeps changing its story on how it bombed a hospital in Afghanistan, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is leaving the Obama administration, and listener mail.
A parable about integration in Dumbo, Brooklyn, thoughts on the mass shooting in Oregon, and the US bombs a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan.
Newspaper editorial boards criticize the opt-out movement, and listener mail.
Secretary of Defense Carter is tepid on closing Guantanamo Bay, a historic victory against indefinite solitary confinement at Pelican Bay prison, and a liberal argument for charter schools falls short.
It’s back to school season! We finally get to Jelani Cobb’s beautiful New Yorker article on the history of a recently shuttered New York City high school. Also, lots of fun listener mail!
Yana Kunichoff joins us to discuss the Dyett hunger strike for a public school in Chicago, homelessness amongst NYC’s children surges, and listener mail.
It’s our first show without a guest all month, so John and Molly can catch up on the news. Also, there’s always more listener mail!
The UK government has admitted to spying on Amnesty International, less weigh on standardized tests meaning more students passing to the next grade, and listener mail.
The US remains vague on the status of a detained ISIS widow, Cuomo and de Blasio trade barbs over control of city policy, and listener mail.
FBI intrusion into defense teams at Guantanamo further delays the 9/11 trial, an education reform spokesperson says testing is important for property values, and a teacher test in NY is deemed racist.