Johnny Solomon left his Minneapolis band, Friends Like These, swearing off music, escaping to Wisconsin, and battling addiction before assembling the group that would become Communist Daughter. Aptly sharing their moniker with one of Neutral Milk Hotel's most concise alt-folk songs, the band also draws comparisons to Bon Iver (not just because of the Wisconsin connection), Mountain Goats (who they covered recently), and even Neil Young. The group sat down with Maia to talk about dealing with rehab, what it means to have a song on a popular TV show, and where inspiration comes from.
The Year Has Ended!!! Chaz Mannenheim, exhausted from the ever-continuing job of #1 newsman, must put together a stunning ‘Year In Review.’ Buckling under the pressure, Chaz begrudgingly enlists his ex-wife, Vera, to help him talk to the people and go over all of the Top Stories from Politics to Pop Culture in 2012. See them Laugh! See them Fight! See them review the year on YEAR IN REVIEW!!!!!
Brooklyn duo Cultfever created a world of their own for the songs on their self-titled debut album. Drawing on elements of classic indie rock and pop, their genre-jumping style makes for a satisfying mix of dynamic story songs and unconventional soundscapes. Stopping by to chat with Maia for this episode of Live Studio, Cultfever -- performing here as a four-piece -- shares some songs and a little about the making of their moody music video for “Knewyouwell.”