Sleepy Wonder’s no new kid on the block, yet his latest artistic endeavor casts an original spotlight onto his career and his music.
Get to know these Irish/Malaysian siblings who meld elements of folk, dub, jazz, soul and ska.
Bullion isn’t being subtle about what he wants you to think about this brand new EP. That or he’s a desperate for a bit of action. Luckily there’s plenty to get down with here, from the slinky It’s All In Sound and a wobbly cover of Robert Wyatt’s 1984 single The Age Of Self (still true) to the electronic slow-dance jam of ‘Collision’ and arsewobbling psychy instrumental (Family). If you’re looking to dive straight in though, Save Your Lubb is our current favourite. You could say we ‘lubb’ it. via Abeano
By night, a jungle; by day? Get to know this emerging, fantastical Afro-funk band from the Netherlands.