Ah, alcohol. The magical liquid that allows us to release our inhibitions, think up some of our most brilliant ideas, and, of course, feel like we haven't eaten a bite of food in three weeks. Chelsea White tells us the top 5 things to eat when you're drunk AF. Songs featured in this episode: "Don’t Slow Down" by Matt & Kim // "Bed Case" by Tancred // "Killing Moon" by Tetherball // "Friendship" by Mike Dillon // "Trouble” by Hey Marseilles // “The Walls” by The Thermals Now you can watch us on your iPhone or iPad! Check out the BTRtoday App!
Dish and Drink's Rebecca Chodorkoff doesn't regret drunkenly eating a pickled egg at a sketchy Brooklyn bar at 2:00 a.m., though she's not positive she'd recommend doing so either.