This week, it’s the last week of Deerhoof’s “La Isla Bonita” as Album Of The Month (or is it…?), and we have some classic Robert Wyatt tracks from his days in Soft Machine & Matching Mole. Also, a bunch of other great tracks from the likes of The Love Me Nots and Ty Segall (& His Erotic Beagle?).
Warning: This interview contains content that may be deemed inappropriate for some readers.
High Waisted is a young NYC-based surf rock band. Already notorious for the wild, feel-good party vibe of their live shows, they were being called a “Buzz Band To Watch” by NME before almost anybody had heard their music. Conveniently enough, the music is catchy, fun, reverb-drenched, and poppy thanks to lead singer and guitarist Jessica Louise Dye and her three bandmate dudes. Here, they shred through some of their sunny tunes and give Maia the story behind the (altered) experience of recording their first release.
Mexico’s decriminalization of marijuana signifies more than just a change in drug policy.
The subculture that arose from the evolution of heroin is beyond what its inventors could have imagined.
“You’re no longer just looking at the picture as a beautiful picture. You’re starting to wonder about the person, or the subject’s health, in the picture.” – Professor Alphonso McClendon, describing the function of the heroin chic aesthetic Join me this week for a look at one of the more controversial aspects of fashion culture: the aesthetics of drugs. I got to talk with Alphonso McClendon, Assistant Professor of Fashion Design at Drexel University in Philadelphia, who has spent years researching the cultural implications of style, music, and addiction during The Harlem Renaissance and America’s Jazz Age. Today, you’ll hear him discuss his research into that time period, how he found the roots of the prominent “heroin chic” aesthetic in the jazz scene of the 20’s and 30’s, what put an end to heroin chic, and where it’s resurfacing today. Plus, I have a playlist full of the latest music from Minneapolis artist Jeremy Messersmith, Belgian electro-pop group The Go Find, Lebanese singer-songwriter Yasmine Hamdan, and more. So tune in as we time travel in style, right here on BreakThru Radio!
Governor Cuomo’s administration outlines a preliminary medical-marijuana system, but certain lawmakers call for something different.