Publisher and editor from the Drug Chronicle Series discuss drugs and artistic expression.
Thousands of women are shackled at the behest of severe drug laws, resulting in deepening problems with prison conditions.
Dr. Carl Hart’s book High Price is opening our eyes the common misconceptions and propaganda surrounding drugs in our society.
Today we review the psychedelic, atmospheric 4-song epic Bitchitronics by the band Bitchin' Bajas. It was released on July 16th on Drag City Records. Like one of the favorite phrases of the three piece, this ambient album will help you "find your zone."
On Tuesday, April 16th, a committee of New York Assembly lawmakers approved a bill to legalize marijuana for medical needs. If the bill should eventually pass into law, New York State would join several other US states where doctors are certified to authorize marijuana use for patients with serious medical conditions. This week on BTR Pulse, Lauren Hawker asks people in New York their thoughts on making medical marijuana available and whether there are benefits in legalizing marijuana for recreational use.
A Q and A with Dr. Rachel Nugent on Dame Sally Davies's belief that new diseases pose “apocalyptic” threat to the U.K.
Chaz Mannenheim is looking for the Top Stories of January 2013! He takes to the streets to hear what the people have to say about... The Flu! The Oscars! The President! And The News! WATCH and LISTEN and LEARN as Chaz’s whitty and adroit conversation skills bring you through the adventurous news bulletins that comprised the month of January in the Year of our Lord, 2013!