America was once the pinnacle of scientific innovation, but has now fallen behind the rest of the world in groundbreaking technology.
On today's show, Kait McIntyre of the Chicago Antiwar Committee tells us more about her organization's Midwest Action Against Drones event coming to the Windy City in September. And later, we bring you previously unaired conversations on copyright right reform featuring past Third Eye guests.
Who is uncovering attempts by police departments and Universities to fly drones over the US.?
The problems with piling on Rihanna, drone advocates push for looser regulations for domestic drones, and MSNBC feigns independence despite hiring Axelrod and Gibbs.
Jesse Myerson on the recently unveiled No Fare Hikes project, Jacobin magazine details further problems with Teach For America, and state lawmakers seek to both expand and prohibit domestic drone use.
It's Help Week on BTR! On today's program, Diana Robinson of the Food Chain Workers Alliance tells about their Welcome Table outreach program that seeks to engage foodies in the fight for fair food. Later, ProPublica's Abraham Lustgarten tells us about how current regulations allow industry to pollute water aquifers we could one day rely on for our drinking water supply.
Ex-LAPD Chris Dorner is still on the loose, liberal hacks openly embrace an authoritarian mindset, and the split on the word “lady”.
PBS drools over drones but asks Michelle Rhee some tough questions, John Kiriakou gets more than two years in prison, and Seattle teachers refuse to administer a state test.
It's Health Week on BTR! Comfort Dogs prove to be Newton, CT's new best friends and is it better to prepare for or prevent death?