Celebrate Christmas with some of Dish + Drink’s best cocktails of the year.
If you’re looking for a honky tonk that doubles as a quality BBQ joint in NYC, this is it.
Opt for something a bit more potent during this year’s Festival of Lights.
Give your guests something to be thankful for next week.
Come to Serenade for the top-notch food; stay for the spectacular experience.
Whiskey, apple cider, and lime juice come together in this sweet and tangy cocktail.
The secret’s out on this impressive happy hour spot.
Drink this tangy cocktail all winter long.
Upgrade your bourbon cocktails using homemade peach simple syrup.
Start off National Bourbon Heritage Month with this boilermaker revamp.
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This summery vodka cocktail will take you through the rest of the season.
Try this whiskey and lemon cocktail before summer’s end.
Keep summer going with this pepper-packed fruity cocktail.
A follow-up review on a mainstay sushi spot in Northern NJ.
Satsuma oranges and limes come together in this vodka cocktail.
This fusion of Japanese and French wine is perfect for hot summer nights.
This brunch cocktail packs a punch.
Switch out olive juice for pickle brine in this variation of the dirty martini.
Combine the old school Italian aperitif with vodka for a light, but strong summer cocktail.
Watermelon and cantaloupe take the stage in this light and summery white wine sangria.
Whip up a couple of pitchers of this frozen herbal cocktail for MDW.
After trying this brunch cocktail, you’ll never go back to mimosas.
No wraparound porch? No problem. This cocktail will make you feel like you have one.
This tequila sunrise is a throwback to the original.
Need some last-minute ideas for Cinco de Mayo?
Heat things up this Cinco de Mayo with a spicy vodka variation of the classic margarita.
Come to Moonshine for the food, stay for the bottomless brunch cocktails.
This bourbon cocktail is the perfect Kentucky Derby drink for those who don’t like mint juleps.
The Kentucky Mule is the perfect Kentucky Derby cocktail for those who don’t like mint juleps.
The Hilton Hartford restaurant is right for any time of day.
What began as a simple negroni became a complex and citrusy gin cocktail.
Ginger beer takes the stage in this aromatic and citrusy brunch cocktail.
Red Knot paves the way for public golf courses to up their restaurant game.
Bourbon and fresh grapefruit juice come together in this potent and sweet drink.
Replacing vodka with gin in a Moscow Mule makes it a whole different cocktail.
This week’s Thirsty Thursday combines citrus juices with the classic gin and tonic.
Mexican food for brunch may seem out of the ordinary, but it is, in fact, extraordinary.
A trip to Connecticut is required for this trendy restaurant, but it’s well worth the drive.
This surprising combination of ingredients makes for a refreshingly light brunch cocktail.
For your next burger and beer, try Stout NYC located in the heart of Manhattan.
Stay on the healthy wagon without sacrificing a good rye cocktail (or two).
Escape to the spring with this aromatic and fruity gin cocktail.
Dane lists the top 5 Dish + Drink cocktails of the year.