Donald Trump
Sit back, relax, and take a journey with us as we recount the circus sideshow that was this past year.
Mariame Kaba offers advice and discusses ways in which people can become more active in the fight for justice in their communities, and gives her thoughts on the threat to these conversations posed by the incoming presidential administration.
Washington wasn't expecting this kind of change.
Dr. Baz Dreisinger discusses possibilities of justice reform, for-profit prisons, and the possible implications Donald Trump's promises of law and order.
What Trump's energy policy means for global security, and listener mail.
Mike Konczal on what Democrats can learn from Trump’s Win, Bernie’s town hall in Wisconsin   Photo courtesy of Mike Konczal
The former secretary of state blames herself for the erosion of trust between her and the Russian people.
Trying to figure out the CIA-Russia-FBI stuff, and listener mail.
Peter Ross Range discusses the lack of anti-Hitler dissent during his rise to power, his stylistic similarities to Donald Trump, and our vulnerability to authoritarian figures.
What the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki could mean under Trump, James Mattis gets the nod for Secretary of Defense, and listener mail. photo: Muhammad ud-Deen via Wikimedia Commons    
Dr. Carol M. Swain talks about how she predicted the white nationalism emerging today and her difficulties with political correctness.
Alexis Goldstein on Steven Mnuchin, sanctuary cities versus the federal government, and Trump's Carrier propaganda is a vision of things to come.
Dr. Carol M. Swain discusses her political views and why she believes the United States has been headed in an "ungodly" direction.
Trump picks Steve Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary, Manhattan liberals still love neocons, and listener mail. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore
Checking in on Standing Rock, Trump picks Tom Price for HHS, Trump's latest tweet storm, and checking in on David Clarke, Trump's possible pick for DHS.
The continuing scourge of anti-PC rhetoric, and listener mail.
Despite its shittiness, 2016 leaves us with a few things to be extra grateful for.
We spend the hour on listener mail
For today’s podcast we’ll talk with 3D artist Fernando Sosa, who turned Donald Trump into a butt plug.
Erek Smith on Jeff Sessions, Trump settles the fraud lawsuit against his fake university, the importance of talking about Hamilton, Pence won't rule out waterboarding and Priebus won't rule out a Muslim registry, and listener mail.
The first week in the wake of Donald Trump's victory has been as hateful as his campaign.
Micah Uetricht on labor's role in the disastrous election, Trump inherits the drone program, and listener mail. Photo courtesy of Micah Uetricht
Education reformers reel after Trump's election, the bad digital law that's ruining the Internet, and listener mail.
A BTRtoday staffer remembers what happened when she was thrust into a reality television show.
Deconstructing the concept of the media bubble, our frustrations with how Iowa gets discussed, and listener mail.
Sarah Jaffe on the Democrat's deadly error, Trump's bizarre 60 minutes interview, and Paul Ryan refers to contraception as a "nitty gritty detail." photo courtesy of Sarah Jaffe
Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States. Wait--Donald Trump?!?!?!
What resistance to Trump might look like, calls to give Trump a chance are misguided, and what the future of the Democratic Party looks like. Trump rally Photo by John Knefel
Trump has won. Photo via Wikimedia by Gage Skidmore
We spend election day sharing memories from the nightmare that was this campaign, and listener mail. Donald Trump Photo credit: Gage Skidmore Via Wikimedia
Comey says no charges against Clinton, a look at Trump-style behavior down ballot, and listener mail. Trump rally Photo credit: John Knefel
A male birth control study goes off the rails early on, and listener mail.
This Tuesday is Election Day. Of course, a new president will be elected, but what do you really know about the smaller branches of government, and those running to fill them?
To the liberal among us, support for Donald Trump may feel inexplicable, but the frustrations he’s accentuated won’t quiet down anytime soon.
Today on the show we’re doing an election themed set with other great tracks from Action Bronson and Tropical Popsicle, plus more…
Dr. Steve Billet discusses the effect of the Supreme Court's vacant seat, and possible alternatives to relieve the gridlock, including adding or removing seats.
Electronic voting machines have been used for presidential elections since 2000, and many criticize them for being unreliable. But their bad reputation may be undeserved.
You better be voting on Tuesday—the fate of America is in our hands! So naturally we talk to Justin Sane from the heavily political band Anti-Flag about sticking it to the man.
With the election just around the corner the issue of student loans is one that it is at the forefront of many young voters’ minds.
Dr. Steve Billet explains why Hillary Clinton hasn't pulled away, lack of trustworthiness in candidates, and how each party would respond to the other's nominee winning the presidency.
BTRtoday talks with entrepreneurs who have boldly taken back Trump's nasty comments and turned them against the candidate through strategic marketing of satiric products.
A dispatch from Trump's rally in New Hampshire, experts say Trump is a tax cheat, and listener mail.
After revelations of new Clinton emails, Trump reasoned that the election couldn’t be rigged.
Dr. Steve Billet discusses the influence of special interest groups on American government and the tension brought on by election season.
Trump supporters warn of upcoming violence, a Second City cast member quits because audiences are racist, and listener mail.  
NYCLU's Michael Sisitsky talks about Donald Trump's Stop and Frisk comments and the general hesitance to discuss and acknowledge racial disparity in America.
We’re finishing our time with Brandon Sutton, staff writer for Progressive Army, where he writes about race, culture and politics.
During the first presidential debate, Donald Trump lauded the aggressive policing program as a success in New York City, but statistics say otherwise.
I sympathize with Condoleeza Rice?!
We talk about Paris Hilton, good and evil, the last Presidential debate, and review the haunting doc "The Act of Killing."
We're continuing our conversation with Brandon Sutton, anthropologist and PhD candidate and staff writer for Progressive Army.
Trump hires a Koch Brothers huckster to run voter intimidation campaign, Democrats are turning against charter schools for the first time, and listener mail.  
New accusations surface of Trump's history of sexual assault and misconduct, and listener mail.  
What the debates have to say about Syria, Clinton's proposal to help those in extreme poverty, and listener mail.  
Continuing thoughts on the Trump tapes and the debate, Jeff Sessions and other Republicans say grabbing a woman's genitals isn't sexual assault, and listener mail.  
Frontline's Martin Smith joins us to discuss his new documentary Confronting ISIS, and thoughts on the second presidential debate.  
Bryce Covert joins us to discuss Donald Trump's tax returns, our analysis of the Vice Presidential debate, and listener mail.  
The New York Times obtains some of Trump's tax records from 1995, cast and crew from The Apprentice allege Trump made sexist comments regularly, and listener mail.  
In a debate billed as the be-all end-all, both candidates put forth entirely predictable performances.
Looking at the first presidential debate through the lens of gender, race, and foreign policy.  
Frontline's Michael Kirk joins us to discuss his new film The Choice 2016, and listener mail.  
A nationwide manhunt is underway after bombs explode in New York and New Jersey, Chris Christie lies about Trump's birtherism, and David Brooks has some thoughts about Kaepernick's protest.  
Trump's half-baked family leave plan, and listener mail.  
Britney Summit-Gil joins us to discuss masculinity on the Internet, and Clinton's basket of deplorables comment continues to draw anger from the right.  
Nobody can deny the major role Palin had in giving ultra-right insanity a microphone and a stage in politics. But the beast that she helped birth has outgrown her, and her role is quickly disappearing.
Neither candidate challenges the premise of the forever war, and listener mail.  
Phyllis Schlafly is dead at 92, Trump gets graded on a curve, maternal mortality rates in the US are on the rise, and Megan Rapinoe kneels in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.  
Nostalgia is often portrayed as negatively clinging to the past, but it can have positive effects in helping people conquer fears and challenges.
Trump's incoherent immigration speech, reviewing a defense of Obama's foreign policy.  
Libertarian commentator and author Todd Seavey discusses his waning faith in democracy and analyzes the U.S. Constitution from a libertarian point of view.
Gawker was killed by a billionaire, the politics of a body shaming Trump statue, and listener mail.  
Nelini Stamp joins us to discuss the Shut Down City Hall action in NYC, Trump hints that gun owners could assassinate Hillary Clinton, and listener mail.   Photo credit: Courtesy of Nelini Stamp
The Movement for Black Lives calls for a moratorium on charter schools, 50 Republican foreign policy elites come out against Trump, and listener mail.   Photo credit: via Wikimedia
An FBI undercover agent was in contact with two men who fired on a “draw Mohammed” event in Texas, the New York Times shames families for flying with children, and objective journalism and Trump.   Photo credit: via Wikimedia
It's always fun to watch a hero defeat a villain, but what led to the villain? What systems are still in place? For "Star Wars" screenwriter Michael Arndt, a "global goal" is essential to any good script. BTRtoday examines his model with the help of award-winning writer/director Nat Livingston Johnson.
In honor of Harry's birthday and JK Rowling's new play book thing, we're doing a throwback and reviewing the first "Harry Potter" film.
Trump humiliates a mother with a crying baby, the terrifying prospect of nuclear war, and Bratton’s legacy of Broken Windows policing as NYPD police commissioner.   Photo credit: Wikimedia
By employing the same masculine rhetoric of success and grandiosity that has made him millions in the private sector, Trump assures his flock that he will shape America like he has shaped his fortune.
The spectacle of national elections has turned into never-ending reality television on steroids. Is it any surprise that a former reality star could actually win the White House?
Molly calls in to give her thoughts on the RNC and the beginning of the DNC, and listener mail. Photo credit: John Knefel
We spend the hour catching up on listener mail.
Is America ready for a female president? Hell no, but we’re gonna be.
We spend the hour on Day 3 of the RNC.
Our coverage of Day 2 of the RNC, and listener mail.
Day one of the RNC, and listener mail.
New polls show Clinton and Trump in a dead heat, more thoughts on how little we spend on early child care, and listener mail.
Katie Klabusich joins us to discuss her new automated transcription service, the bizarre world of Trump-inspired white identity politics, and listener mail.
The Chilcot report is harshly critical of Britain's involvement in the invasion of Iraq, another police officer kills another black man and the aftermath is captured on Facebook, Jared Kushner responds to an open letter, and listener mail.
The FBI declines to recommend charges in the Clinton email investigation, cops kill Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, and the long-awaited Chilcot report is released in the UK.
Mike Ludwig on offshore drilling in the Gulf, the global failure of elites could mean Brexit is just the beginning, Trump's rocky new campaign manager, and listener mail.
Trump's campaign has raised virtually no money, the best book so far on the Syrian revolution, and listener mail.
We spend the hour on the shooting in Orlando.
This week we talk about that time Meryl Streep pretended to be Donald Trump and review the psychological thriller "10 Cloverfield Lane."
Anti-Trump protesters throw eggs at Trump supporters in Anaheim, Trump's contempt for the judiciary signals his latent fascism, and listener mail.
With Donald Trump making his way up the polls, we may voluntarily elect a dictator into office. BTRtoday finds three courageous stories of people who have survived dictatorships to hear their wisdom.
Jesse Myerson joins us to discuss the states of the Democratic and Republican campaigns, support of Trump is linked to the fear of death, and listener mail.
The parallels between Trump and abusive partners, a book review of the Blood Telegram, and listener mail.
The GOP begins to fall in line behind Trump, examining the parallels between Trump and abusers, and anxiety around basketball courts in wealthy areas of Brooklyn.
A new documentary explores conflict minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the terrifying thought of Trump controlling the deep state, and listener mail.
Janelle Asselin joins us to discuss queer and feminist romance comics, and Donald Trump and women.
Is the decision not to vote becoming a legitimate act of protest, Clinton tries to woo Republicans turned off by Trump, and listener mail.
So-called lone wolf terrorists are often in contact with informants, Trump blasts modern hairspray, and listener mail.
The last 30 years of hippie punching is coming home to roost, the terrifying foreign policy implications of a Trump or Clinton presidency, and listener mail.
Trump all but locks up the nomination, Sanders wins in Indiana, and the terrifying implications of the war on terror under Trump or Clinton.
Ryan Devereaux joins us to discuss the investigation into the missing 43 students in Mexico, Trump's path to the nomination becomes clearer, and listener mail.
Sunnis in Iraq are stuck between ISIS and the government, Kasich and Cruz form an alliance to stop Trump, and listener mail.
Molly's new piece in Dissent on Trump and bullying, fallout from the de Blasio and Clinton's awful joke, Obama's double standard on classified material, and listener mail.
The danger of Trump is not limited to his views on reproductive policy, his sexist narcissism bleeds out to create a hostile environment surrounding his campaign.
Melissa Gira Grant on a sex worker who killed an assailant in self-defense, Trump on punishing people who get an abortion, and listener mail.
Donald Trump's plans for nuclear proliferation are terrifying, he also doubled down on Corey Lewandowski, and listener mail.
A Brooklyn-based massage therapist has a special offer to help relieve people of their Donald Trump-related anxiety.
The opt out movement continues to grow, Trump retweets an image mocking Heidi Cruz's appearance, and Clinton's simplistic plan to defeat ISIS.
Trump and his supporters escalate violence against protesters, and listener mail.
Sanders wins big in Michigan as Trump hosts an infomercial, a look at how Trump's bullying is not that different from regular bullying, and Preet Bharara and DOJ fail to indict cop who killed Ramarley Graham.
Trump escalates his crackdown on protesters at his rallies, elite schools in NYC remain segregated but the city signs a progressive bathroom bill, and listener mail.
Ned Resnikoff on how millennials could lean towards fascism, some in GOP start to warm to Trump, and listener mail.
Trump and Clinton win big on Super Tuesday, and listen mail.
30 black students are removed from a Trump rally in Georgia, Tucker Carlson is the leading edge of defending Trump and the KKK, and listener mail.
Donald Trump declines to disavow support from white supremacists and retweets a Mussolini quote, reactions to Chris Rock at The Oscars, and listener mail.
Trump's supporters are terrifyingly and explicitly racist, gaming out a Trump versus Clinton general election, and listener mail.
The US promise to accept 10,000 Syrians this year is off to a slow start, and listener mail.
The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia could throw the entire country into chaos, Russia and the Assad regime bomb hospitals and schools in rebel-held areas of Syria, and listener mail with Molly.
Seth Freed Wessler joins us to discuss the immigrants who died in private US prisons, and Sanders and Trump win New Hampshire primaries.
Jeff Abbott joins us to discuss the election in Guatemala, Sarah Palin's poetry tour soars to new heights, and listener mail.
The hilarious Nick Turner stops by the Spit Take Comedy lair to discuss Donald Trump's master plan, his new sexless dog, and how to handle hecklers. Things get really nostalgic when Nick and George discuss what they miss most about old New York.