Donald Trump
Anna Lekas Miller joins us to discuss how Syrians are reacting to Trump's proposal to ban Muslims, former cop Daniel Holtzclaw is found guilty of sexually assault, and Donald Trump on the death penalty.
A new poll shows GOP voters overwhelmingly support Trump's plan to ban Muslims from entering the US, a political science theory that attempts to explain xenophobia in the GOP, and white nationalists get a Trump bump.
Trump's rhetoric and the US media's struggle to retain the veneer of objectivity.
Maysoon Zayid joins us to discuss Donald Trump's latest comments on banning Muslims from entering the US, our thoughts on Obama's Oval Office speech, and listener mail.
Thoughts on the Planned Parenthood shooting, and Trump and Cruz each put forward total falsehoods.
White supremacists are suspected of shooting five black protesters in Minneapolis, and Turkey shoots down a Russian fighter Jet.
Natasha Lennard and Lukas Hermsmeier join us to discuss Germany's treatment of refugees, and catching up on Trump and Rubio.
The FBI is tasked with preventing ISIS-inspired rampage shooting but not other gun violence, the media response to violence world wide, and listener mail.
Catching up on the GOP debate, and listener mail.
The delightful Maeve Higgins pays a visit to the Spit Take Comedy couch to discuss living in NYC, her prowess at pranks and the best Summer jams of 2015. George also reveals Maeve’s amazing psychic abilities in a segment called “Does Maeve Higgins Have Psychic Powers?”
Nearly a decade and a half after 9/11 it's clear bin Laden changed the US forever, update on the citywide Seattle teachers' strike, Trump mocks Fiorina's face, REM blasts Trump and Cruz, and Walker says no more Syrian refugees.
The journalist who Donald Trump kicked out of a press conference was Univision host Jorge Ramos, a horrific shooting in Virginia on live television, and listener mail from great friend of the show Hocine on the protests in Beirut.
Today I drop a few lines on the state of this political "race" or how it looks to me like it's the same dog and pony show. I'll give you my opinion on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and the rest of the reality show cast from the presidential race. I will also give you my review on the movie Straight Outta Compton as well as some new music for you to check out. Have any questions or comments hit me on Twitter @djwayneski.
It’s our first show without a guest all month, so John and Molly can catch up on the news. Also, there’s always more listener mail!
David Banks joins us to discuss the Atlantic’s tired, tired cover story on supposedly coddled college students and why everyone is wrong. Also, catching up on all the news we missed last week, and listener mail.
Todd Miller joins us to discuss the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates’ immigration policies, as well as the sociopolitical, economic, and environmental reasons for migration. Also, it’s been a year since the war on ISIS began.
Parker Marie Molloy on Caitlyn Jenner, inclusive language around reproductive rights, and what happened with the journalist who wrote the disturbing Dr. V story. Also, a super belated venting about Trump, and listener mail.
Mexican-born 3D printing artist Fernando Sosa creates Donald Trump butt plugs to combat racism. He couldn't believe that the GOP Presidential candidate says those distasteful things, and currently, the plug is generating quite a buzz.
New York Magazine puts 35 women who have accused Cosby of rape on their cover, the Trump show continues unabated, and the FBI is accelerating their investigations into alleged ISIS sympathizers.
We learn about the science behind deja vu, 3D printed Donald Trump butt-plugs and a Wet Hot Brooklyn Summer talent show in today's buzz week episode.
Above-board weed delivery comes to California, Greece takes steps toward austerity, debating Hillary Clinton's brand of feminism, and listener mail.