We review the new HBO documentary ‘Banksy Does New York’ and interview the Basil Tsiokos, the director of DOC NYC
Chinese artist and free speech activist Ai Weiwei is famous for butting heads with Chinese authorities. In 2008 he accused the government of a cover-up after hundreds of children died in poorly built schools during the Sichuan earthquake. Online he’s an energetic champion of free speech via blogs and social media.
In 1952 USAF Intelligence Chief Major General John Samford held a press conference to address a flood of UFO sightings above Washington DC. The press conference signaled a new kind of seriousness in the government’s approach to unidentified flying objects. Behind the scenes, the heads of US Intelligence had decided that they had a role to play in shaping the public imagination when it came to flying saucers. According to my guest, writer Mark Pilkington, this role took shape, most shockingly, in the form of Mirage Men.
Interactive documentaries are the next step in film evolution.
We review the intense thriller “Blue Ruin” and interview an actor and actress from the film
Kickstarter campaign to help film a West African pursue his dream of opera.
Happy New Year! Welcome to the first Sew & Tell of 2014! Before we run full steam ahead into a new cycle of fashion trends, news, designs, and iconic moments, I thought it would be nice to take a look back at 2013. It was a year of genuinely remarkable, distinguished guests; so much so that it was very difficult for me to narrow down the content for today’s show! But in the end, I selected clips from a handful of interviews that I felt defined the breadth and diversity of Sew & Tell’s 2013 broadcasts. Today, you’ll hear brief excerpts from my interviews with: Jenn Rogien, costume designer for HBO’s “Girls” and the Netflix original “Orange Is the New Black;” Jenni Avins, fashion journalist for NY Magazine’s “The Cut,” Wall Street Journal’s style section, and her own site, Closettour; designer Eden Miller of Cabiria, who had the historic distinction of being the first ever plus size label to show during New York Fashion Week; and Sari Azout and Sari Bibliowicz, two childhood best friends with a fashion obsession, who turned their compulsive clothes sharing habits into one of this year’s hottest fashion merchandise sites. Plus, I’ve culled music tracks for today’s show from a few of my personal favorite releases of 2013 – you’ll hear songs today off this past year’s releases from Foxygen, Phosphorescent, Volcano Choir, and Chvrches. So join us as we say a fond & fashionable farewell to 2013; out with the old & in with the new on BreakThru Radio!