How the candidates are besting each other on Twitter.
Chaz Mannenheim is out on the street, asking the people what news stories were the absolute tops in September 2012!!! Hear tales of Politicians and Parties, Savory Burgers and Secret Video, Raging Riots and Ryan Reynolds! And if that’s not enough, Chaz finds himself in quite the bind when someone from his past comes (literally) running back to him! Fun and Games on this edition of MONTH IN REVIEW!!!!!!
What the right’s dismissal of the Ron Paul campaign and the left’s silence on the Chicago teacher’s strike says about the widening cracks in the two-party system.
The NYPD arrested John again. Here’s our show about it.
Joe Macare reports on the Chicago Teachers Union strike from the streets of Chicago, and gives context to the charter school movement.
Nona Willis Aronowitz and Aaron Cassara join us to discuss the upcoming film Barista, which they just successfully funded through Kickstarter.
We break down President Obama’s speech to the DNC, as well as Michelle Obama’s and Bill Clinton’s.