This week it’s the FINAL SPORTS SHOW OF ALL TIME. That’s right—it all comes down to this, or some other sports cliché. For the last-ever show, we reminisce about the origins of the show, how we all met and were brought together and some of our favorite memories over the years.
This week for Fall Week as the penultimate show we look back and revive some old features to see what—if anything—we’ve learned over the years. We also weigh in on the opening week of the NFL season as football hits the ground running us into Fall.
This week for Open Week we hear about Kristy’s struggle to get past security at the US Open and her love for the tournament, welcome the NFL season with a string of football-related quick-hits and take a short quiz on the upcoming Rugby World Cup.
This week for Labor Week we look ahead to the fall—at long last!—discuss the Tom Brady verdict, plus the US Open, Little League World Series and other news stories from the week that was.
This week for School Week we get ready for the school year, the unofficial start of the year in many ways, by looking back at three of our favorite segments from the year so far.
This week for Excess Week we grapple with some mid-August nostalgia whilst getting slightly excited about baseball for once and take a look at some of the most shocking numbers in sports.
This week for Happiness Week we lament Kristy’s absence once more as she’s off at Twins’ Fest, run through an extended quick hits, and ask if it’s really worth it to be a sports fan in terms of one’s overall happiness.
This week for Buzz Week we do our best to make up for Kristy’s absence with a rapid-fire run through the quick-hits and discussion on what topics should or should not be buzz-worthy at the moment.
This week for Roots Week we hear about Kory’s trip north and Kristy’s surfing adventures, run through a packed quick-hits and take our favorite sports back to their very roots, albeit not without some debate and controversy.
This week for Reality Week Kristy tells us about covering the Women’s World Cup parade in New York City, we fail miserably to get excited for the MLB All-Star Game and Homerun Derby, make some predictions for future sporting realities and discuss sports reality shows and how we as fans relate to them.
This week for Birthday Week we break down and celebrate the US Women’s World Cup victory, discuss history and etiquette at Wimbledon, try in vain to get excited for the MLB All-Star Game and see how well Kristy and Kory know their own teams’ histories.
This week for Made in the USA Week we discuss all, or at least what interests us, of the sports happenings in the world, run through the quick-hits and take a quiz on just what is and isn’t made here in the US.
This week for Fan Week we recap a fun, wild weekend of sports, turn the page into summer and slow down and try to get excited about baseball, plus ask a few questions about what it means to truly be a fan.
This week for Relationship Week we talk Stanley Cup and NBA Finals, squeeze in whatever else is going on in the sports world and consider our own, often flawed, relationships to the teams and athletes that we follow.
This week for Rain Week we are thrilled to have Kristy back with us with a new slew of adventures to tell us about as we catch up after a two-week break in which pretty much everything went on in the sports world.
This week for Throwback Week we run through a timeless quick-hits, look ahead to the summer of sports nearly upon us, and discuss which throwback sporting trends we miss the most as well as those we’re glad are gone.
This week for Vacation Week we welcome the unofficial start of summer, run through some quick hits and ask if it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to take a year off from watching sports.